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45 days in jail for driver who rode around with cyclist on the hood of his car.

Last summer, the Oregonian reported an incident between a cyclist and a deranged driver in Portland: Jason Scott Rehnberg, 37, yelled at the car to slow down, and apparently angered by the remark, the driver chased the cyclist. He rode his bike into the neighborhood to escape and after a while, probably thinking he was safe, he went back on the road where the incident first happened. But the driver saw Rehnberg and backed his car to try to hit him. After jumping off his bike just in time to avoid being hit, "Rehnberg and two other witnesses tried to block the car, saying they wanted to get the license plate. Millican allegedly drove at the three and struck Rehnberg, who was thrown onto the hood. Rehnberg held onto the windshield wipers as the car traveled at a high rate of speed and took a turn."

Along with jail, the 21-year-old (James F.) Millican must do 160 hours of community service, pay Rehnberg $800 for lost wages, and be on probation for three years. Millican was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, DUI, and attempted assault (second degree).

Link has brilliant video of the cyclist on the hood of the car, hanging onto the wipers as the driver speeds around and brakes hard to throw him off.

The comments section raises some interesting points, like:

1. How is this not attempted murder?
2. If he did in fact strike the cyclist, how is the charge 'attempted' assault?

The scary thing is, this happened in bicycle-friendly Oregon. You can imagine what cyclists regularly put up with in other places where cycles are even less common / liked.