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Fun at work

So i was transcribing the latest TWiT (This Week in Tech) podcast for work. They're talking about Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, nd a guest says the following:

"I think it was Bill Gates’ wedding. There was a bunch of Richie Riches that brought their yachts to the harbor on Lanai where Bill Gates got married. And all the yachts were lined up. And apparently, someone else’s yacht was a foot and a half longer than Paul Allen’s. He put it into drydock and added three feet."

If I ever get really, really rich and start doing stuff like that, I expect you guys to come find me, and shoot me in the head.
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Internet Scrapings breaking possible actual news

Breaking news: Sequoia Voting Systems hacks self in foot, SQL code revealed online.
"Sequoia Voting Systems, which seems to have inadvertently released the SQL code for its voting databases.... What was revealed was thousands of lines of MS-SQL source code that appears to control or at least influence the logical flow of the election, in violation of a bunch of clauses in the FEC voting system rulebook banning interpreted code, machine modified code and mandating hash checks of voting system code."

Someone more geeky than I needs to read these articles and confirm if this is saying what I think it's saying.
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BREAKING NEWS: AT&T blocking 4chan. Oh god.

BreakingNews: CentralGadget.com: AT&T states that they have requested specific changes from 4chan’s owners, and that 4chan has not complied.

BreakingNews: CentralGadget.com: AT&T has confirmed that they are “currently blocking portions of the internet site 4chan.org”.

From 4chan: Update:

Headline: Techcrunch: AT&T reportedly blocks 4chan. This is going to get ugly.
In other words, AT&T has just opened perhaps the most vindictive, messy can of worms it could have possibly found. Blocking any site is an extreme breach of user trust, but the decision to block 4chan in particular just seems stupid. Expect the web equivalent of rioting if this doesn’t change soon.

*grabs internet popcorn*

ETA: I've been hearing disturbing theories among the comments of some tech sites that this is a deliberate, clever ploy by AT&T and others to get Anonymous to attack, so they can be revealed as vile despicable CP-posting scum, therefore further justifying internet censorship. Which is even more worrying.

ETA 2: Now there's talk that 4chan is under a massive DDOS attack and the block has been lifted.
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Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

Happy birthday Nikola Tesla, our favorite real life genuis-ahead-of-his-time mad scientist!

Rotten Library Bios: Mad Science: Nikola Tesla

Read all about the man who thought he was talking to Martians, who attempted to short-circuit the Earth itself (and may even have kind of succeeded), invented the AC current as we know it today, and perfected wireless electricity (no, seriously).

I'd write more but I'm supposed to be working, so.... laters :)
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Internet scrapings and offbeat news

Scientists ecstatic at capturing video and actual sample of a whale shark taking a dump.

Michael Jackson is being sued in court by a Bahraini prince for reneging on a deal to record an album and write his autobiography, after the prince floated him cash to help him through his financial troubles.

A man left paralyzed after a vicious attack by Neo Nazis is planning a trip to Switzerland to commit suicide; while a famous disabled journalist pleads with him to choose life instead.

Supermarket gives back to the community, poisons discarded food to get homeless bums out of its garbage.

Also from Sweden: Man wins right to be legally named Madeline.

Islamic theologian hired for outreach to Muslims declares Mohammed probably never existed. Awkward? Fatwah in 3... 2... 1...

Hundreds of Indonesians protest anti-porn law, declaring it a threat to religious freedom.

Barclays avoids shareholder revolt by axing executive bonuses and revamping their payment plan.

Italian Air Force holding public name contest to come up with a less boring generic name for its new fighter jet. First price is a free ride in it.

Speaking of fighter jets, a Mig 29 could be yours for the low, low price of US $544,734.67 from this Russian military equipment webstore.

The word "meh" enters dictionary.

A gallery of the most extreme conditions ever recorded on the face of the Earth.

A visual guide to the financial crisis for the rest of us.

Five gadgets that were killed by the cellphone.

How to spot a fake Rolex.

As usual, more offbeat news over at fivethreenews and 53news.blogspot.com :D
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Internet scrapings, or how _53 got his internet linky posting groove back