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Atheist finds nothing in his toast.

I wasn’t that hungry tonight so I just thought I would make some toast when all of a sudden it popped up and I was staring at the face of NOBODY in the toast! NON-HOLY WHITE BREAD! What are the chances of an atheist getting a piece of toast that looks like nothing! Somebody call the media! I haven’t been this shocked since I found the Flying Spaghetti Monster in my vermicelli.

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word can help write your suicide note

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In India, palm-reading, astrology, numerology and all sorts of other fortune-telling bullshit are multi-million dollar businesses.

I know otherwise intelligent, college educated people from good families that parted with half a month's pay to go to some dude who told them what career to pick, when to get married and how many kids to have based on shit like their birthdate or the lines in their hands.

word can help write your suicide note

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Today Kim and I watched most of The Number 23, that tense paranoid thriller-drama inexplicably starring a totally serious Jim Carrey.

It's like the Blair Witch Project, in the sense that it's one of those movies that people watch it and either rave about it and love it, or they just hate it to the core. I remember The Number 23 getting such polarized reviews back when it came out, but I only watched it today for the first time.

I didn't get to actually finish it because my cab for work showed up way earlier than expected, but Kim and I were talking about it and I was like, whatever, you can walk around adding anything up and finding 23s everywhere if you're looking for them. And to illustrate my point I picked a random car stopped at a red light and added up the numbers of its licence plate... and it actually added up to 23. Which was admittedly kind of freaky, but anyways.

But this kind of reminded me of how religion and faith work, and quite possibly how my faith has/had been running all this time. The human mind can and will find meaning and answers in literally anything if it looks hard enough, often seeing patterns that just aren't there, and discovering significance where there is none.

At the end of Luc Besson's mazing and heartbreaking film about Jean of Arc, The Messenger, the ambiguous 'devil slash conscience slash angel' character played by Dustin Hoffman appears to Joan in her prison cell and questions her about just why she believed that finding a sword in a field necessarily had divine designs behind it, leading her to embark on her doomed career as a warrior for her god.

It was at this point that Kim began searching for a heavy, blunt object to strike me with for having taken a perfectly good chat about a movie and somehow finding a way to turn another normal discussion into another delerious rant about God and Christianity, and I don't remember what happened after that, but I woke up at work with a headache.

And then I realized that today is the 23rd. Bugger.
word can help write your suicide note

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Film director James Cameron is holding a press conference today to unveil supposedly the tombs of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their children.

No, I'm not kidding.


The tomb was discovered back in 1980 and people have been studying it since, so this isn't exactly new. The tomb bears the names of the remains in several languages and dates to the right time period and all that jazz, and DNA tests apparently have confirmed it to be the Jesus on whom the Christian faith centers on and started from.

Now, bearing in mind that the names Jesus, Mary, Joseph and those of several others close to him were so very common in his time, it really could be a huge coincidence that the tombs have all the same names in the right order (Jesus son of Joseph, Mary Magdalene his wife, and their two kids), so that's kind of inconclusive really. The Discovery site linked to above states the statistical odds are 600 to 1 that this is the Jesus and not just some other dude with the same name.

The biggest question mark here is that Cameron and Jacobovici claim that DNA testing proves that this is the Jesus that the Christian faith is built on. Aside from the dubious claim of extracting DNA from skeletal remains (difficult but not completely impossible) is exactly what said DNA is being compared to. I'm sure there's some explanation, but it is irrelevant because this is basically what's going to happen, proof or not, hoax or not:

The fact is that Christians really base their faith on pretty much nothing besides... faith. Its not based on evidence, or even what some would call logic. What Christians call faith is not really different from what anyone else would call "wishful thinking" or "delusion" or "positive thinking" or "hope" or anything else for that matter. It is literally believing in something unseen, unheard, untouched, unprovable. God's existence is not what you call "empirically verifiable." You simply cannot directly prove it, hence the faith thing. It really cannot be explained. Understand that I don't say this in a manner flippant or derogatory, I'm speaking plainly as a Christian myself. My point is, Christians are not going to abandon their faith en masse even if this tomb thing turns out to be in fact totally incontrovertible, irrefutable hard evidence that for the last two thousand years we've all been believing in a lie. Most Christians will still continue to stubbornly believe, simply because that is the nature of faith. If Christians refuse to believe in evolution in spite of what any rational person would admit is fairly convincing evidence, then this will be no different, trust me.

Just sayin'.

Edit:  I forgot to mention that Cameron and Jacobovici have shot and plan to release a documentary on this, so one could argue this is one clever shock advert type of stunt.  Or something.  I don't know, I have no opinions.