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16 January 2009 @ 11:37 am
Today is the anniversary of the death of Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia. What real-life murder story are you most fascinated by?

Iran Air Flight 655.
17 July 2008 @ 05:14 am
LA gangs now trying out pedal-by shootings on bicycles.

"Faced with ever increasing fuel prices and pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, LA gangs have begun to explore non-traditional means of going about their day-to-day operations. As one of the many possible changes being examined, a pilot program of using bicycles to take on tasks once only done by car is underway. This initial step has been showing promise, with the successful "Pedal-by" shooting occuring on LA's East 43rd St., near Hooper Avenue on Monday. The two targets were not badly injured, as it was a simple warning pedal-by, but initial response has been positive.

Hector 'Snake Blade' Cortes noted "the biking gives me a way to get some fresh air and exercise we don't normally get from our daily grind." "We really should be worrying about not only who's stepping into our business," said accomplice Johnathan 'The Gun' Smith, "but also the environment, global warming won't cure itself you know." If response is good, and the return on respectability sees a market increase under the new policy, look to see a further roll out across greater LA in the near future."

Link to LA Times news article.
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10 July 2008 @ 03:27 am
Senate caves, telecoms saved. At this point, seriously, is anyone even surprised?

DNA testing has cleared the family of JonBenet Ramsey of her murder.

GOP study finds companies that built formaldehyde-laced trailers used for Katrina victims shouldn't be held responsible, since nobody told them how much poison they could use in the first place.

Why the iPhone costs over US $1,000 in Belgium.

French building grows tentacles.

The Daily Rotten links to a news story with LSD, meth, sado-masochism, murder, bullets in the mail and genital clothes pegs.

Google comes out with its own virtual world named Lively, its answer to Second Life. Windows Vista/XP with Internet Explorer or Firefox only.

9 things you didn't know about The Statue of Liberty.

SouthWest Airlines' seven secrets of success. Amazing read.

An abusive Indian father has become the first man in history to commit suicide in a British courtroom. He used 60 sleeping pills crushed into powder, dissolved in a bottle of Coke. He was in court for molesting his daughter and rendering her mentally retarded after holding her mouth and nose shut long enough to cause brain damage.

Pennsylvania truck driver dodges half a million dollars using a stolen E-Z Pass.

Scientists have handed octopuses Rubik's cubes to determine if they favor one tentacle over another, and to keep them stress free. I predict they'll solve it sooner or later, probably sooner :D

Sources: BoingBoing, GeekLikeMe, Fark and The Daily Rotten.
01 April 2008 @ 12:25 am

This is Mary Bell, an eleven year old female serial killer and the youngest serial killer in recorded history.

Her motive was simply manipulation and hedonism, fitting her into the profile of more "traditional" serial killers. Psychological profiling revealed she possessed a complete and utter lack of remorse or abilty to feel empathy for other human beings, the true definition of a psychopath / sociopath. In a move as controversial as her deeds, the courts granted her immunity for life after a prison sentence, which she later broke when she released a tell-all book about the murders she committed, citing a desire to "set the record straight..." but many argue money via the obvious ensuing sensationalism were her true motives.
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10 December 2007 @ 12:33 pm

Then I hear the best thing to do is feed them to pigs. You got to starve the pigs for a few days, then the sight of a chopped-up body will look like curry to a pisshead. You gotta shave the heads of your victims, and pull the teeth out for the sake of the piggies' digestion. You could do this afterwards, of course, but you don't want to go sievin' through pig shit, now do you? They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm. They will go through a body that weighs 200 pounds in about eight minutes. That means that a single pig can consume two pounds of uncooked flesh every minute. Hence the expression, "as greedy as a pig".

REUTERS: Canadian pig farmer convicted for serial killings.

NEW WESTMINSTER, British Columbia (Reuters) - A Canadian pig farmer was convicted on Sunday of the serial killings of six women whose bodies were butchered like animals in his farm's slaughterhouse...

...Pickton, 58, lured the women to his farm in the Vancouver suburb of Port Coquitlam with money and drugs, killed them, and cut up the bodies and disposed of the remains using the pigs and a rendering plant...
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US leads world in jailing children for life

THE United States has far more juveniles serving life terms than any other country — 2387. Israel, the only other country that imprisons juveniles for life, according to a new study by the University of San Francisco's Centre for Law & Global Justice, has seven — and has not issued such a sentence since 2004.

In the US, life terms have fallen disproportionately on non-white children, who are 10 times more likely than white children to be given life without parole, the report found.

The study, titled Sentencing Children to Die in Prison, also found that in California, black juveniles are 20 times more likely to receive such sentences.

"For many children, (life without parole) is an effective death sentence," said Michelle Leighton, chief author of the study, which found 51% of such children were first-time offenders.

The US Federal Government and 44 states permit life sentences without the possibility of parole for juvenile offenders.

"Among those states, 13 allow sentencing a child of any age to LWOP and one sets the bar at eight years or older," according to the study.

There are 18 states that could apply the sentence to a child as young as 10, and 20 states that allow it for children 12 or older. The minimum age is 14 in 13 other states.

The report asserts that "harsh sentences dispensed in adult courts do not take into account the lessened culpability of juvenile offenders… Psychologically and neurologically, children cannot be expected to have achieved the same level of mental development as an adult, even when they become teenagers."

ETA: Meanwhile, check out the hilarity over at the Fark thread discussing this article. Talk about empty vessels making the most noise.
09 January 2007 @ 03:21 pm

Meanwhile, in the news here in Delhi, a millionaire businessman and his servant stand accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering about thirty people, most of them children in Noida, a city neighboring New Delhi.  This makes him one of the most prolific serial killers in history, easily surpassing the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer, for example. 

The Noida police share the blame, ignoring the increasing pile of missing children reports since 2005 since the parents were all so poor and helpless, and together with the government now face widespread public ire and outrage.

Amazingly media coverage (I mean internationally) is virtually non-existent.