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www dot Collateral Murder dot com: Wikileaks has released the video that it has been in so much trouble over.

"Today Wikileaks released a video of the US military firing large caliber weapons into a crowd that included a photojournalist and a driver for Reuters, and at a van containing two children who were involved in a rescue. Wikileaks maintains that this video was covered up by the US military when Reuters asked for an official investigation. This is the same video that has supposedly made the editors of Wikileaks a target of the State Department and/or the CIA, as was discussed a couple weeks ago. Needless to say, this video is probably not work safe (language and violence), and not for the faint of heart." - Slashdot

The latest from Wikileaks' Twitter:
Collateral Murder videos now available as torrent: http://bit.ly/b24vnl (short) http://bit.ly/a5iYMo (full)

BoingBoing points out the obvious media blackout: Tiger Woods returning to golf is apparently far more newsworthy.

"On the day that an American consulate in Pakistan is attacked and that Wikileaks posted video of soldiers laughing while they kill civilians in Iraq, the major U.S. news networks have more important things to cover. Tiger Woods has returned to golf. Curiously, the search term 'wikileaks' doesn't work at MSNBC's search[reddit], even though other similar terms work fine and there should be many results from MSNBC's frequent coverage of the whistle-blowing site. In fact, a quick check suggests that Bing isn't indexing 'wikileaks' at MSNBC's site at all, but is doing so for other news providers. Bing itself lets you do that search just fine, so long as you don't restrict it to site:msnbc.com. Compare to the same query at Bing restricted to Fox. The kicker: if you misspell wikileaks in MSNBC's search box, it returns error-corrected results."
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New protests in Iran

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BREAKING NEWS: AT&T blocking 4chan. Oh god.

BreakingNews: CentralGadget.com: AT&T states that they have requested specific changes from 4chan’s owners, and that 4chan has not complied.

BreakingNews: CentralGadget.com: AT&T has confirmed that they are “currently blocking portions of the internet site 4chan.org”.

From 4chan: Update:

Headline: Techcrunch: AT&T reportedly blocks 4chan. This is going to get ugly.
In other words, AT&T has just opened perhaps the most vindictive, messy can of worms it could have possibly found. Blocking any site is an extreme breach of user trust, but the decision to block 4chan in particular just seems stupid. Expect the web equivalent of rioting if this doesn’t change soon.

*grabs internet popcorn*

ETA: I've been hearing disturbing theories among the comments of some tech sites that this is a deliberate, clever ploy by AT&T and others to get Anonymous to attack, so they can be revealed as vile despicable CP-posting scum, therefore further justifying internet censorship. Which is even more worrying.

ETA 2: Now there's talk that 4chan is under a massive DDOS attack and the block has been lifted.
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Internet scrapings etc.

This cartoon book named "Book of Bunny Suicides: Little Fluffy Rabbits Who Just Don't Want To Live Anymore" is being pulled from the shelves in China after a 12 year old committed suicide and four other kids attempted to kill themselves.
The book is filled with cartoons of a cute bunny trying to kill itself in bizarre and often improbable ways, and is more morbid humor than kid's book. "The cartoon bunny's attempts to commit suicide are ridiculous. They're obviously meant to be funny. The pressures those poor children face come from reality, not a comic book," said the book publisher's marketing director.

Drunk guy arrested for humping a Chevy Blazer.

Kevin Smith's movie poster gets censored by the MPAA, replaced with stick figures, becomes more awesome.

Hubble finds "something" in previously empty region in space, and no one has even the faintest clue what the hell it is.

Bird's Nest Architects' Latest Unveiling: A vertigo-inducing Jenga apartment tower in NYC.

And now, high heels for babies.

23 Muslims were killed in a stampede of thousands in Indonesia trying to receive a cash handout for the holy month of Ramadan worth £2.36 each from a rich family.

Activist poledancers demand Olympic recognition.

Epic fail as streaker knocks self unconscious during game.

Vegetarians are six times more likely to have shrinking brains.

Satanists kill and eat four teenagers in Russia.

Babysitter sticks five month old in clothes dryer, turned it on and walked off because she was frustrated with him.

Prosecutors can’t use secret videotapes of a Watertown minister having sex with his comatose wife while she was in a nursing home because of what looks like a legal loophole. His lawyer called the case "tragic," arguing that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy, and that he "visited her daily, reading to her, praying with her."

Teacher gives lecture on photography to high school class using laptop and projector, gives them an assignment to start working on, starts looking at S&M porn on laptop, forgets that the projector is still running with the class of high schoolers watching the same thing he is. Hilarity ensues.

Fourth grader suspended for using a broken pencil sharpener.

Ten years of messages from Osama Bin Laden leaked onto Wikileaks. One message includes bin Laden's denial of having anything to do with the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.

Star Trek's George Takei marries his partner in a Buddhist ceremony in Los Angeles.

Dog dials 911.

A fantastically horrible 1946 Disney film about menstruation, "The Story of Menstruation."

1,253 babies in China have gotten sick from drinking powered milk that had been intentionally spiked with melamine, a chemical used to make plastic tableware.

Meanwhile authorities in Naples are warning people not to buy bread made by the Mafia, as it is baked with carcinogenic wood.

Iraeli city to use DNA testing on dog poop to punish / reward dog owners.

Peugeot bringing a hybrid to Le Mans.
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Mythbusters, Discovery Channel and RFID

Slashdot: Credit card companies bully / threaten Discovery into never airing Mythbusters Show on RFID security or lack thereof.

Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage recounts how credit card companies lawyered up to make sure the Discovery channel never, ever airs a segment on the flaws in RFID security: "Texas Instruments comes on [a scheduled conference call] along with chief legal counsel for American Express, Visa, Discover, and everybody else... They [Mythbusters producers] were way, way outgunned and they [lawyers] absolutely made it really clear to Discovery that they were not going to air this episode talking about how hackable this stuff was, and Discovery backed way down being a large corporation that depends upon the revenue of the advertisers. Now it's on Discovery's radar and they won't let us go near it."

Sauces: Slashdot, Consumerist and BoingBoing.
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Project Censored: The running list of the top 25 stories for 2008.

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I've also been watching a ton of documentaries lately, since my favorite TV shows are off the air. I realized I never mention them, many of them are mindblowing to put it mildly and it bugs me that so many people haven't seen these.

From Beirut to Bosnia by Robert Fisk
A controversial documentary by journalist legend Robert Fisk, Middle East correspondent for The Independant for over thirty decorated and multiple award winning years, the three films seek to answer the simple question of why Muslims have come to hate the West so much. Illuminating to put it mildly. The Discovery Channel banned the documentary originally back in 1993, proving that the press is no longer free and that the media, especially in the west, is now a well-oiled propaganga machine.

An example of how advertising and lobbying groups censor American news, this three part documentary by the famous middle east war correspondent Robert Fisk was banned by the Discovery channel in 1993. The films seek to explain the rise of anti-Western sentiment throughout the Muslim world (from the Middle East to the Balkins, the range of the former Ottoman Empire) by highlighting the oppressiveness of Western-supported governments (Israel and Egypt, in particular) and the West's broader anti-Muslim racism. The Discovery channel pulled the films in response to a letter campaign by pro-Israel groups.

Part I: The Martyr's Smile:
This Films for the Humanities production focuses its capable eye on Lebanon's guerilla war that aims to liberate southern Lebanon from Israeli control. The scope of this tragic conflict is brought into sharp focus in this documentary through the use of extensive interviews with participants from the Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad movements, views of civilian casualties caused by Israeli air attacks, and photographic evidence of the ongoing destruction of life and property in the region. The viewer should be advised that this video contains some disturbing scenes of this conflict.

Part II: The Road to Palestine:
Another in the Beirut to Bosnia series from Films for the Humanities, The Road to Palestine provides the viewer with a glimpse into the ongoing conflict in the region around Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. Through interviews with members of the militant Islamic group Hamas, as well as Zionist settlers and Jewish refugees, this documentary succeeds at revealing some of this tragic situation.

Part III: To the Ends of the Earth:
Another in the compelling series Beirut to Bosnia from Films for the Humanities, To the Ends of the Earth compares the plight of Muslims in Egypt and Bosnia. Though separated by geography and the distinct cultures in which they live their lives, this video reveals the feeling of betrayal by the West experienced by these two Muslim communities. Interviews with Islamic freedom fighters and war casualties shed light on the dynamics of the ongoing struggle for the survival of these communities.

If you watch just one documentary this year, make it this one. It's a VHS rip so the quality isn't as perfect as you may be used to but the knowledge locked inside is more than worth it.

Read up more on Robert Fisk's career here:

Robert Fisk article on Wikipedia.

The Pirate Bay: From Beirut to Bosnia torrent.
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NY attorney general forces ISPs to curb Usenet access.

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that Verizon Communications, Time Warner Cable, and Sprint would "shut down major sources of online child pornography."

What Cuomo didn't say is that his agreement with broadband providers means that they will broadly curb customers' access to Usenet--the venerable pre-Web home of some 100,000 discussion groups, only a handful of which contain illegal material."

ETA:Wired sounds in, eloquently expressing everything I wanted to say that would only make me sound like an idiot if I said it.

"As a politician, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is to be commended for convincing internet service providers Verizon, Time Warner Cable and Sprint to filter and block child pornography. It goes without saying that kiddie porn, for obvious reasons, is detrimental to society at large.

Yet the accord, in which more ISPs are likely to join, opens up a Pandora's box of chilling side effects.

Among the most important is a challenge to the long-accepted notion that ISP's are generally immune from liability for content posted by users under the 1996 Communications Decency Act. Under the Cuomo deal, the ISPs seem to acknowledge a morale role in policing the internet.

"We are committed to ensuring our users are not exposed to the horror that is child pornography," Verizon Deputy General Counsel Tom Dailey said.

While THREAT LEVEL does not condone child porn and understands that it carries no First Amendment protections, the Cuomo accord forces us to wonder aloud about what type of internet blocking or filtering might come next, irrespective of whether filtering mechanisms actually work and stifle protected speech?

Examples include materials that are defamatory, politically incendiary and, among others, works that are copyrighted."