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Internet scrapings etc.

This cartoon book named "Book of Bunny Suicides: Little Fluffy Rabbits Who Just Don't Want To Live Anymore" is being pulled from the shelves in China after a 12 year old committed suicide and four other kids attempted to kill themselves.
The book is filled with cartoons of a cute bunny trying to kill itself in bizarre and often improbable ways, and is more morbid humor than kid's book. "The cartoon bunny's attempts to commit suicide are ridiculous. They're obviously meant to be funny. The pressures those poor children face come from reality, not a comic book," said the book publisher's marketing director.

Drunk guy arrested for humping a Chevy Blazer.

Kevin Smith's movie poster gets censored by the MPAA, replaced with stick figures, becomes more awesome.

Hubble finds "something" in previously empty region in space, and no one has even the faintest clue what the hell it is.

Bird's Nest Architects' Latest Unveiling: A vertigo-inducing Jenga apartment tower in NYC.

And now, high heels for babies.

23 Muslims were killed in a stampede of thousands in Indonesia trying to receive a cash handout for the holy month of Ramadan worth £2.36 each from a rich family.

Activist poledancers demand Olympic recognition.

Epic fail as streaker knocks self unconscious during game.

Vegetarians are six times more likely to have shrinking brains.

Satanists kill and eat four teenagers in Russia.

Babysitter sticks five month old in clothes dryer, turned it on and walked off because she was frustrated with him.

Prosecutors can’t use secret videotapes of a Watertown minister having sex with his comatose wife while she was in a nursing home because of what looks like a legal loophole. His lawyer called the case "tragic," arguing that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy, and that he "visited her daily, reading to her, praying with her."

Teacher gives lecture on photography to high school class using laptop and projector, gives them an assignment to start working on, starts looking at S&M porn on laptop, forgets that the projector is still running with the class of high schoolers watching the same thing he is. Hilarity ensues.

Fourth grader suspended for using a broken pencil sharpener.

Ten years of messages from Osama Bin Laden leaked onto Wikileaks. One message includes bin Laden's denial of having anything to do with the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.

Star Trek's George Takei marries his partner in a Buddhist ceremony in Los Angeles.

Dog dials 911.

A fantastically horrible 1946 Disney film about menstruation, "The Story of Menstruation."

1,253 babies in China have gotten sick from drinking powered milk that had been intentionally spiked with melamine, a chemical used to make plastic tableware.

Meanwhile authorities in Naples are warning people not to buy bread made by the Mafia, as it is baked with carcinogenic wood.

Iraeli city to use DNA testing on dog poop to punish / reward dog owners.

Peugeot bringing a hybrid to Le Mans.
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Internet scrapings and oddities, bonus post

word can help write your suicide note

Internet scrapings, offbeat news and various oddities.

Norway knights a penguin.

You too can look like a terrifying anime character come to life with extra-large pupil contact lenses and give people like me nightmares.

15 images you won't believe aren't actually photoshopped.

Megachurch televangelist preacher Joel Osteen's wife is being sued for going nuts and physically attacking a flight attendant over a stain on her seat's armrest.

Gana, a gorilla in a German zoo, has been photographed grieving over the loss of her baby, showing a strength of emotion rarely witnessed in the animal world and bringing visitors to tears. In the wild, a gorilla mother may hold on to a dead baby for weeks.

Aston Martin unseats the Veyron as the world's most expensive car, with the handmade One-77 priced at $2.3 million. Only 77 will be made.

7 eccentric geniuses who were clearly just insane. Includes the awesome Nikola Tesla.

Delhi's cycle rickshaws get a mention in the blogs of Wired, complete with pic.

A teenaged finalist in the LG Text Messaging Championships and one of the fastest SMS texters in the world insists on typing in perfect English with full spellings, punctuation and no abbreviations.

Ten words you probably mispronounce and sound like an idiot doing so.

Singapore's floating football pitch. At a tiny 700 square kilometers, Singapore is the tiniest nation in Asia and one of the three smallest true city-states in the world.

Drunk man finds out why they have crocodiles in zoos behind fences, but not in petting zoos. Quote: The man was dragged into the water by one of the crocs after he leaned over a rail to stroke it. The others then tore him to pieces in the attack. He was not able to be identified.

Elderly woman neglected and left to die slowly by her son and daughter in law. How neglected? Quote: Barker and the commonwealth say the Donohues ignored Leiben's needs, allowing small bedsores to become open festering wounds and deep necrotic patches of dead tissue that were feasted on by maggots. Infection from those sores and the massive ulcerations that were the result of Leiben's being left to lie in her own waste finally killed the woman, Barker said.

18 year old woman arrested for stripped naked on a highway, running into a cow pasture and flinging mud and feces at police officers.
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Internet news scrapings and oddities.

American surgeons have been lining up to help a Vietnamese baby that was left for dead for several days in the jungle, was partially eaten alive by various animals and insects until he was rescued by monks.
He's recovered, although disfigured, and his adoptive parents and his country are apparently bonkers over him.

Disabled stakeboarding turtle gets pregnant.

Lost baby whale thinks a yacht is its mother, tries to breastfeed.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have tied the knot.

Lonely mining town in Australia pleading for ugly women.

Schizophrenic commits suicide with enough cyanide to wipe out hundreds of people.

NASA plans to bomb the moon to find water.

Today in history: Pope Alexander VI dies. He was the father of seven illegitimate children, and during his reign chose as his lover the lovely sixteen year old Guilia Farnese. A portrait of Guilia dressed as the Virgin Mary appeared over Alexander's bedchamber door, but by no means was she his only liaison. See also here for an older post of a short, incomplete list of Popes with very colorful, less than holy lives.

Man literally cuts out DJ's eyes during fight at club. The DJ is now blind, and the man responsible is at large.

Senior University professor is so tired of university students who can't spell that he's proposing that teachers instead label incorrect spelling as "variants," not wrong. Yeah, this should work, just like raising the definition of "obese" will lower a country's obesity rates.

Even China isn't interested in buying Hummer from GM.

City rules that a church can no longer use a helicopter to drop their pastor from one church building to another church building across town every Sunday. So many things wrong with this story I'm not even going to try.

The MI5 wants to recruit gay spies.

The start of a New Zealand city's campaign entitled "Living Without Violence" coincided with worst weekend of domestic and family violence on record. Now that's ironic.

A gallery of the world's most impressive gargoyles. delivered to you via the always impressive deputydog blog.

20 years ago in Russia.

Americans try to wrap their brains around the radical concept of living without a car.

Nineteen-year-old rapist sues 15-year-old rape victim for child support and wins.
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Tonight's internet scrapings and oddities.

Al Quaeda in Iraq has banned women from buying cucumbers because they're too phallic, and men from buying tomatoes because they're too feminine. Just my humble opinion, but I think that rules like this say more about the mentality of the people making and enforcing them, than of those made to obey it.

Ten things you didn't know about oil.

What will the suburbs be like in ten or twenty years?

German farmer gets double arm transplant.

Bum stabs bum in argument over who was better panhandler. via kimberlin.

"There were thousands of bodies piled high. I saw hearts that had been taken from live people in medical experiments... They said a wife of one of the SS officers saw a tattoo she liked on the arm of a prisoner, and had the skin made into a lampshade. I saw that."
James Hoyt, one of the four U.S. soldiers to first see Germany's Buchenwald concentration camp, has died at 83.

Flat Earthers still complain of prejudice from people everywhere for believing the earth is a flat disc surrounded all around by the icy ring of the South Pole (pictured).
Quote: "People are definitely prejudiced against flat-Earthers," society member John Davis tells the BBC. "Many use the term 'flat-Earther' as a term of abuse, and with connotations that imply blind faith, ignorance or even anti-intellectualism."

Actual headline: Court grants injunction to stop woman cutting off man's penis.

The White House has its own interrogation room.
...a disturbing case in Washington, D.C., where security officials detained and interrogated Usman Khosa, a Pakistani U.S. college graduate, because he was “fiddling” with his iPod near White House gates. Officials took Khosa to an interrogation room “beneath” the White House. “Usman Khosa is a Pakistani national in his early twenties, a graduate of Connecticut College now working for the International Monetary Fund,” Suskind notes...

More pics of the world's lowest low-riding van.

Introducing the world's smallest solar powered car.
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Calculate your likelihood of dying in a car accident.

Carnegie Mellon University has teamed up with AAA to create a searchable traffic database called Traffic STATS (STatistics on Traffic Safety). It's a fairly complicated tool, but the long and the short of it is that you can find out how likely you or a friend or family member are to die in a motor vehicle collision.

You can run a report specifying age, gender, driver or passenger, type of vehicle, time of day, day of the week, month of the year and region of the country. A few interesting tidbits:

-Men are twice as likely to die in a car accident as women.

-Women ages 21-24 are 1/3 more likely to die in a collision if they're behind the wheel of an SUV versus a car. Women ages 75-84 are 2/3 more likely to die in a crash if they're driving an SUV instead of a car. Among women in the 25-74 age range, there's not much difference between these vehicle types.

-Women drivers of all ages have a higher likelihood of dying in a crash on the weekend than during the work week.

-Children under age 10 are the safest passengers, with a lower fatality rate than other age groups. We're guessing the increased use of car seats and booster seats might be in play here.

-Female drivers in the "east south central" region of the U.S. (Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky) have the highest fatality rate.
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Internet scrapings and oddities

missing man formation

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Andrea Pininfarina, genius, iconic designer of the world's most beautiful supercars, was killed in a car / scooter accident at age 51. A car pulled out in front of his Vespa scooter.

In case you don't know who he is, then click here to drool over ten of the most iconic Pininfarina car designs.

Pininfarina was the man who gave the world some of the most stunningly beautiful cars it has ever laid its unworthy eyes on, including the Ferrari Enzo, the Maserati GranTurismo, the Ferrari F40 and the Ferrari Testarossa:

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Tonight's scrapings of offbeat news and oddities.

Ohio inmate says he's too fat for execution. Only in America, I swear. via wtf_inc.

About the apalling prejudice and hatred faced by Flat Earthers (people who insist the Earth is flat) who continue to challenge the conspiracy duping the masses into believing that the Earth is round.
The NASA picture is an obvious fake, according to Flat Earthers. No comment from that Time Cube guy.

Love is blind: Man arrested for chasing garbage truck while naked and fondling himself.

Germany hails 'bulletproof bra' for policewomen.

Superbugs, or how popping pills and antibiotics and vaccines and whatnot are actually making diseases evolve into stronger, drug resistant strains and may kill us all off one day.

Argentinian President pushing for decriminalization of drugs.

Nutcase mods, creates world's lowest low-riding VW camper van.

About a girl who collapses into paralasys everytime she laughs.

Yet another foot has washed ashore on the Canadian coast.

Dad teaches 15 year old son how to do drugs, son overdoses and dies.

SWAT team raid town mayor's house over delivery of a box of marijuana, shoot and kill his dogs. Note that one of the dogs was shot from behind while running away.

Woman accused in 1 million pound fraud case claims voodoo caused her to do it, offers severed fingers as evidence, gets convicted.

Cops discover 11 feral children in remote, rural home, fighting over food. "The first girl could write her name and date of birth," said Capt. Parker, who handed out a pad and pens to the kids in order to get their information. "The second girl couldn't figure it out, and it just started going downhill from there."

Sexual assault in military 'jaw-dropping,' lawmaker says
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