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word can help write your suicide note

Internet scrapings, Blogger edition.

Okay, my news blog at 53news.blogspot.com is working out really well. The tags are precise and perfect. Problem now is cross-posting them here, which is almost more work than posting the original posts themselves. Still, for now, here's a sampling of the latest batch of posts: California bank gets robbed twice in the same day. LABELS: BANK ROBBERY, CALIFORNIA Grandmother saved by feces transplant from daughter. LABELS: FECES, MEDICAL, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM Man accidentally shoots girlfriend in jaw during gun lesson. LABELS: TEXAS Man gets burned while using lighter to see better while trying to siphon gasoline. LABELS: GASOLINE, WISCONSIN Man shoots self in the arm after being denied sex. LABELS: FLORIDA, SEX Hustler is producing a Sarah Palin adult film spoof named "NAILIN' PAYLIN". LABELS: POLITICS, PORN, SARAH PALIN Parents who prayed for healing rather than take their seriously ill son to a hospital now facing charges of criminally negligent homicide for his death. LABELS: BAD PARENTING, DEATH, FAITH HEALING, OREGON, RELIGION Actual headline: Police: Man crashes car while trying to roll joint. LABELS: ALCOHOL, CAR ACCIDENT, DRUGS, DRUNK DRIVING, MARIJUANA A Catholic nun was gangraped in Orissa, India amidst escalating violence between Hindus and Christians. LABELS: INDIA, NUN, RAPE, RELIGION Crowd of bystanders urged suicidal teenager to jump, then filmed his leap to death on their cellphones. LABELS: CELLPHONE, LONDON, SUICIDE Seven year old boy breaks into zoo, wrecks stuff, feeds animals to crocodile. Parents being charged. LABELS: AUSTRALIA, CROCODILE, ZOO These are half the most recent posts. The tags are fascinating; I'm wondering what will come up in a few weeks from now when you scan through all posts with certain tags. I'm also tagging them by location, trying to be as accurate as possible, i.e. avoiding tagging one post "Los Angeles" and another "California" and another "LA," if you know what I mean, so the tags will be as accurate and sharp as possible. This isn't possible with my LJ, unless I post each item separately here, which will probably be very irritating to your friends pages, won't it? So basically, you guys are missing a lot on my Blogger. Any idea how to do set up a feed from a blogger into LJ? If you know how to do this, let me know. It'll be awesome if I can continue posting both here and there.
word can help write your suicide note

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So I've started crossposting my internet scrapings to 53news.blogspot.com, only I'm posting each item individually and meticulously tagging them. It'll be interesting to see what comes up eventually when you explore all posted items of a certain tag or tags. I'm also tagging them by location wherever at all possible, which should be equally enlightening.

Anyway, hook it up to your feed or whatever and let me know what you think, suggestions, ideas, etc.

And again, don't worry, I'll continue posting my scrapings and offbeat news items here as usual... but a Blogspot should get me more coverage, unlike this LJ which was originally designed to be quite private, exposed only to an inner circle of close friends. Now most of my posts are public and few are actually personal private stuff.

At any rate, let's see where this goes :)