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Six legged, two tailed mutant deer gets attacked by dogs, has second tail amputated. Darwin fails.

Handcuffed man dies after being Tasered by cop 9 times. He stopped twitching after the seventh 50,000 volt zap. The medical examiner says he was most probably already dead at that point and has ruled it a homicide.

Drug smugglers use Hurricane Dolly as cover.

Police allegedly marched a rape victim who had been found crying in the street at 1am to a cab firm, and then made her pay the fare home. The woman, said to be an executive who earns £70,000 a year, had been at a party on a Thames boat and was spotted by passers-by, slumped on a south London pavement. To top it off, she had to share a cab with a strange man.

Canine pornstars up for adoption.

Thanks in part to suicide guides, sites and clubs on the internet, Japan is in the midst of a suicide epidemic. Hundreds of Japanese have killed themselves this year by mixing ordinary household chemicals into a lethal cloud of poison gas that often injures others and forces the evacuation of entire apartment blocks.
The 517 self-inflicted deaths by hydrogen sulfide poisoning this year are part of a bigger, grimmer story: Nearly 34,000 Japanese killed themselves last year, according to the Japanese national police. That's the second-highest toll ever in a country where the suicide rate is ninth highest in the world and more than double that of the USA, the World Health Organization says.

Suicidal man on fifth story ledge finally decides not to jump, but then while trying to get down, slips and falls to concrete. He's in critical condition.

Protester superglues himself to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Video.

Actual headline: Men sentenced for setting friend's crotch ablaze. Yes, alcohol was involved.

Dumbest. Generation. Ever.

Golfers hide under a tree during thunderstorm, you can guess what happened next. They couldn't recall what year it was, but one of them could still remember the golf score.

Beijing setting up designated protest zones for Olympics.

Man takes up a dare to play chicken with freeway traffic in his underwear. And loses.
word can help write your suicide note

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Christopher Hitchens has himself waterboarded to prove it's not really torture. His verict afterwards? "Believe me, it's torture."

Google and Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane have struck up a deal to work together.

How Panasonic puts the 'Tough' in their legendary, near-indestructible, oil-rig and warzone ready ToughBook line of laptops.

Australians make odd choices for funeral songs. ADELAIDE, Australia - Hymns are being replaced at funerals in one Australian city by popular rock classics like Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," a cemetery manager said Wednesday. Leading the funeral chart is crooner Frank Sinatra's classic hit "My Way," followed by Louis Armstrong's version of "Wonderful World," a statement said. "Some of the more unusual songs we hear actually work very well within the service because they represent the person's character," Centennial Park chief executive Bryan Elliott said. Among other less conventional choices were "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" by the Monty Python comedy team, "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead," "Hit the Road Jack," "Another One Bites the Dust" and "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead."

The United States leads the world in rates of experimenting with marijuana and cocaine despite strict drug laws, WHO researchers said on Tuesday. Countries with looser drug laws have notably lower rates of abuse and addiction.

Hot on the heels of a massive algae bloom in China, 33,000 exterminators and 200 tons of pesticides will be used to combat a locust infestation.

Firefighter lifts SUV a foot off the ground to free driver's pinned arm.

Kentucky woman accused of trading sex for gasoline. Insert [getting screwed by gas prices joke here, etc.]

Chinese employee forced to return to work with a broken arm, forced to use drill with left hand while steadying the drill with chin, resulting in worker breaking other arm. Boss still made him go back to work. Amazingly, this happened in Australia, not China or India. The company has been fined $100,000.

British man slowly turning into a woman, baffling doctors and scientists. Ten years ago he spontaneusly lost his beard, grew breasts and his skin got soft and smooth.

Chinese soldiers being corrupted by karaoke and saunas.

Thanks to merciless teasing, the gift cow with antlers that France gave to Canada has gone into hiding.

Actual headline: French man with two asses surprises Swedish officials.

A collection of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

Dell offering the ultimate "Windows Vista bonuses" with their machines to Vista-hating customers: Windows XP.

A gallery of various camers sliced in half.

Arguing that Microsoft may be a better place to work than Google.

Age verification cameras are easy to fool.

Now you can overclock your Mac too.

Eight signs the American economy is in a slump.

Apple has ordered 50 million 8 GB NAND flash chips from maker Samsung, causing them to put all their other customers on hold for now.

Introducing the cargo moped / scooter.
word can help write your suicide note

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And now, the latest threat to the Beijing Olympics: Seaweed.

Ayveq, the (in)famous masturbating walrus at the New York Aquarium, has died. :(

In Papua New Guinea, village women are swapping sex for unwanted canned fish. "Since the company's establishment on our land they have given little back in terms of service and as a result the women are now trading sex for fish. Before the company came we were able to make ends meet just by supplying the town with fish. This has changed."

Suicides in National Parks on the rise.

San Francisco voting to possibly "honor" President Bush by renaming a sewage treatment plant after him. Sponsors of the ballot measure say it’s a fitting tribute to a president who made a big mess. The commission, which apparently hatched the idea one night over beers, has collected 8,500 signatures — 1,300 more than the 7,168 needed to get a measure on the November ballot. If officials verify that those signatures are from registered city voters, proposition rename-the-sewage-plant is a go.

Australian kid arrested for offensive behavior for wearing a T-shirt that said "Jesus is a Cunt." The phrase is a Cradle of Filth song. A few months ago, BoingBoing reported a guy not being allowed to board a plane because his T-shirt had a drawing of a Manga robot armed with a sci-fi gun on it. A few years back, an Arab American high school student was suspended for wearing a shirt with a picture of Bush with the slogan "International Terrorist" under it. The student went to a high school whose population was about half Arab Americans and the other half various minorities. And meanwhile, a T-shirt consiting solely of the names of various soldiers killed in the Iraq War in very fine print (done with permission from the soldiers' families) had been banned in multiple states. I didn't know T-shirts were such a threat to public safety.

Woman tries to steal manure, fails, falls into dung tank, flees naked.

NASA says that Martian soil is so similar to Earth soil that asparagus could grow in it.

Ten incredibly bizarre looking, rare cloud types.

There's a very good chance that there will be no ice at the North Pole this summer.

Ironically, Finding Nemo has caused clownfish to become critically endangered.
Demand of the fish as pets from children who loved the film increased sharply after the film's release, leading to over-harvesting of the coral reefs for these tiny clownfish. Facepalm. Not only that, but clownfish are marine fish, which any aquarist will tell you requires pretty freaking advanced fishkeeping skills. It's no goldfish in a goldfish bowl that a kid can take care of.