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Internet scrapings and offbeat news

Scientists ecstatic at capturing video and actual sample of a whale shark taking a dump.

Michael Jackson is being sued in court by a Bahraini prince for reneging on a deal to record an album and write his autobiography, after the prince floated him cash to help him through his financial troubles.

A man left paralyzed after a vicious attack by Neo Nazis is planning a trip to Switzerland to commit suicide; while a famous disabled journalist pleads with him to choose life instead.

Supermarket gives back to the community, poisons discarded food to get homeless bums out of its garbage.

Also from Sweden: Man wins right to be legally named Madeline.

Islamic theologian hired for outreach to Muslims declares Mohammed probably never existed. Awkward? Fatwah in 3... 2... 1...

Hundreds of Indonesians protest anti-porn law, declaring it a threat to religious freedom.

Barclays avoids shareholder revolt by axing executive bonuses and revamping their payment plan.

Italian Air Force holding public name contest to come up with a less boring generic name for its new fighter jet. First price is a free ride in it.

Speaking of fighter jets, a Mig 29 could be yours for the low, low price of US $544,734.67 from this Russian military equipment webstore.

The word "meh" enters dictionary.

A gallery of the most extreme conditions ever recorded on the face of the Earth.

A visual guide to the financial crisis for the rest of us.

Five gadgets that were killed by the cellphone.

How to spot a fake Rolex.

As usual, more offbeat news over at fivethreenews and 53news.blogspot.com :D
word can help write your suicide note

two new MacBook related links.

The new MacBooks have water sensors under the shell so you can't lie about water damage to get it repaired under the warranty.

About the economical impact of sculpting a new MacBook out of a single block of aluminium.

Also, I'm on my way to owning one sometime in the near future!! SQUEEEEE


Well it's too early to say for sure but I'm trying to get myself a loan to buy one. So far the math is working out and my existing peecee b0x, which has served me very well for years, is starting to die out and spazz out with increasing regularity. So the timing's perfect.
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Internet scrapings and oddities

Starving puppies partially ate wheelchair-bound cancer victim after his daughter and caretaker abandoned him in his home.

5 of the world's best driveable wooden cars.

The world's wierdest vending machines.

Woman driving asks her passengers odd questions about faith, swerves car off road and deliberately hits cyclist, carjacks SUV, crashes SUV into other cars, crashes SUV into fence, then gets out and strips naked.

Spanish Olympic basketball team poses for picture for ad, all making a slit-eyed face with their fingers, causing predictable shitstorm.
Seriously, what did they think would happen?

Georgian reporter gets grazed by bullet on air. Throws on vest and keeps on reporting. Hardcore. Video.

Oil companies may drill off the coast of New Jersey, ruining beachgoers' view of sign-towing planes, medical waste washed up on shore, orange-tanned guidos, and fat guys with hair on their back. Since this involved New Jersey, where I lived for three years in art school, I had to include it.

Apple is now worth more than Google.

34,520 people are on a waiting list to buy a new all-electric Chevy Volt tomorrow, although it won't roll off the assembly line for another two years. Let's see if history repeats itself.

85 percent of flying public wants to see children in separate section of plane. I think the other 15 percent are just masochists.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to fine American Airlines $7.1 million for safety violations and intentionally flying planes that pilots said needed repairs.

Houses in Detroit are being sold for as little as one dollar.

US restrictions of imports from Europe have caused sperm banks to run dry of much-demanded Nordic semen, causing wannabe single moms to fly to Denmark to get pregnant.

Authorities in Queensland are on the hunt for a mob responsible for bashing a baby koala to death, attempting to stone a mother koala from its tree and pinning cane toads and nailing live magpies to trees.

An inflatable dog turd the size of a house blew away from a modern art exhibition in a Swiss museum before bringing down an electricity line and smashing a greenhouse window. The name of the sculpture is "Complex shit." Tragically, no pic :(

Man would rather fake being a cop from a nonexistant police department than pay for porn, apparently.
He said he was from the "age verification unit" and saying he wanted to make sure the performers weren't underage. It didn't work. If this job exists I want it.

Consumerist: United Airlines ruins family vacation to see dying relative in Hawaii, sells tickets to someone else, lies about it, gets caught lying about it, but still won't admit it to insurance company.

Even for evil airline stories, this one may shock you. How about:
* Holding $5,000 in tickets from a family for six months, then telling them the day before that the flight has been canceled;
* When confronted with the fact that the flight hasn't been canceled, telling the family that the reservation has been lost;
* Finally admitting that they've bumped the family from the flight and were lying about the cancellation and the lost reservation;
* Offering replacement seats on multiple planes and days, splitting the family up on different flights and depositing them at different islands;
* Offering to get them there 5 days into a 7 day vacation, part of which was scheduled to spend time with a family member who was dying in a hospice in Hawaii;
* Refusing to write a letter on the family's behalf so that they can collect their insurance payment on the house they rented but never used.

With one act of disregard, United destroyed the vacation, cost the family over $10,000 in house rental fees that they can't get back, and forced them to cancel the trip. The dying family member they didn't get to see passed away in early June.
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Useless fact of the day:

If you sell your kidney on the black market, you'll get 75,000 rupees for it, or roughly US $1,600 for it, at least here in India.

I know because at one point I was considering doing it so I could buy a then-the-hottest-thing-ever and brand new Apple titanium PowerBook G4. Tragically it wouldn't have been enough :(

I can't make this a useless_facts post because I have no reference or link to cite. Just a friend of a friend of a friend that knew a guy that would totally hook me up or something.

Market forces for black market kidneys are probably dictated by things like inflation, supply and demand and stuff like that (I'm sure a lot of really poor desperate people sell organs on the black market here) and the fact that life is so hilariously cheap in India. I'm wondering if you'd have to haggle for the price just like you do for literally everything else here. That would be an interesting conversation, and also leads me to add the disclaimer that perhaps 75 K was the starting price for negotiating.

It's just as well, because parting with a kidney isn't something to be taken lightly. Aside from the dubious safety of illegal surgery, I'm pretty sure you'd have to make major modifications to your diet. Also, I'm not sure how much my kidney would be worth, what with all the Pepsi and junk food I consume.

So ignoring an actual monetary number, what item or object would you trade an organ for?

What would you trade your kidney for?

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A slideshow of various rich New Yorkers' sweet rooftop pads.
Via Cynical-C Blog.

Man builds working Batman: The Dark Knight Tumbler batmobile thingy on his own with bare hands, using only the DVD as reference.

Tiny sub-virus (?) that attacks bigger virus discovered, proves viruses are a form of life.
Like a bacteriophage, or a virus that attacks bacteria, except this attacks other viruses.

Member of Saudi Religious Police has been accused of having six wives, which is two over the limit by Saudi sharia (Islamic) law.

How magic teaches us about human cognition, and how it manipulates it.
"Our picture of the world is kind of a virtual reality... it's a form of intelligent hallucination." The benefit of these sorts of cognitive shortcuts is that they allow us to create a remarkably rich image of our environment despite the fact that our two optic nerves have roughly the resolution of cell-phone cameras. We don't have to, for example, waste time making out every car on the highway to understand that they are, indeed, cars, and to make sense of how they are moving - our minds can simply approximate from the thousands of cars we have already seen in our lives. But because this method relies so heavily on expectation - not only to fill in the backdrop around us but to determine where to send what psychologists call our "attentional spotlight" - we are especially vulnerable to someone who knows our expectations and can manipulate them, someone like a magician. "In magic," says Teller, half of the well-known duo Penn & Teller and one of five magicians credited as coauthors of the Nature Reviews Neuroscience paper, "we tend to take the things that make us smart as human beings and turn those against us."
Entire article here.

Cracked: 5 scientific theories that will make your head explode.

Athletes and fitness buffs have better brains.

WIRED: 10 green concept cars that are way out there.

Apple can remotely disable apps installed on your iPhone. As much as I love Apple, I'm not surprised :(

Jupiter and its moons may be plotting to explode and trigger a nuclear winter or even wipe out all life on Earth. Scientists have been observing as the star-like gas planet developed two new red spots, or giant storms five and ten times the size of Earth, and one of its moons flipped over to its side, its icy poles trading places with its equator, among other freaky shit.

New Google network box for offices can scan ten million files.

Exploring the myths and contradictions of coffee.

25 examples of clever and creative navigation in website design.

12 popular modern myths busted. Examples: It takes seven years to digest gum / The Great Wall of China is the only manmade structure visible from space / A penny dropped from the top of a tall building could kill a pedestrian / etc.

The Large Hadron Collider fires up for the first time tommorrow, creating tiny black holes and causing paranoid people with inadequate science education to freak out and believe the world will be destroyed. Yeah, we should be so lucky.

About a dude that had sex with 400 cows. He also tortured and sometimes killed them.

Spam king sentenced to four years in prison.

Also, I want a good subject title for these link farm offbeat news bizarre oddities posts that have become a nightly habit for me by now. Any suggestions?

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