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word can help write your suicide note

Internet scrapings and oddities for today

New study proves that unmarried men lead just as healthy lives as their married counterparts, despite being miserable and lonely and sexless. The married ones, that is. Via Fark.

Part of the Olympic Games opening ceremony display was edited with CGI fireworks added into the live feed in real time. There were real fireworks but CGI was added anyway.

The pretty girl who won national fame after singing at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was only miming, because the real singer wasn't cute enough to be shown. But the singer was Yang Peiyi, who was not allowed to appear because she is not as "flawless" as nine-year-old Lin.

A toddler whose body was found earlier this year crammed into a suitcase was a cult murder. His family killed him because he refused to say "amen" after his meals. He was 19 months old. They thouht he was / had a demon. They originally kept his body in a suitcase because they thought God would bring him back to life. Which, as the Fark thread points out, makes you wonder why they wanted God to resurrect him if he had a demon in him, or was a demon himself. Oh well.

The specific gene has been discovered that decides whether you either laugh or shit bricks at a horror movie. It's a gene that determines how you react to anxiety.

Giant 3,300 Lbs Stingray Caught by Local Fisherman.

Almighty Allah busted on narcotics charges.


Slim pickings as my usual sources are mostly dry tonight :(

Despite this, I'm considering starting a new LJ just for my offbeat news posts. Maybe even a community. Tagged and meticulously organized, since tagging these posts is turning my LJ tags into a train wreck :-P

What do you guys think, y/n?