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45 days in jail for driver who rode around with cyclist on the hood of his car.

Last summer, the Oregonian reported an incident between a cyclist and a deranged driver in Portland: Jason Scott Rehnberg, 37, yelled at the car to slow down, and apparently angered by the remark, the driver chased the cyclist. He rode his bike into the neighborhood to escape and after a while, probably thinking he was safe, he went back on the road where the incident first happened. But the driver saw Rehnberg and backed his car to try to hit him. After jumping off his bike just in time to avoid being hit, "Rehnberg and two other witnesses tried to block the car, saying they wanted to get the license plate. Millican allegedly drove at the three and struck Rehnberg, who was thrown onto the hood. Rehnberg held onto the windshield wipers as the car traveled at a high rate of speed and took a turn."

Along with jail, the 21-year-old (James F.) Millican must do 160 hours of community service, pay Rehnberg $800 for lost wages, and be on probation for three years. Millican was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, DUI, and attempted assault (second degree).

Link has brilliant video of the cyclist on the hood of the car, hanging onto the wipers as the driver speeds around and brakes hard to throw him off.

The comments section raises some interesting points, like:

1. How is this not attempted murder?
2. If he did in fact strike the cyclist, how is the charge 'attempted' assault?

The scary thing is, this happened in bicycle-friendly Oregon. You can imagine what cyclists regularly put up with in other places where cycles are even less common / liked.
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Internet scrapings and offbeat news

Eco nut builds own eco-friendly, self-sustaining island out of junk, lives there for seven years.
"On this man made island, you'll find a two-story house comprised of 250,000 bottles, complete with self-composting toilet and a solar-powered oven."

Truck drivers gather, blare horns in DC rush hour in protest of the high price of oil, but the protest has low turnout because of.... the high price of oil.

The 13 year old son of one of the former members of industrial band Rob Zomie and Scum of the Earth was mocked by his art teacher in front of the class, taken outside, forced to get on his knees and pray to God for forgiveness, for wearing an offensive T shirt. He goes to a public school, by the way.

A protest by factory workers leads to the company's CEO being stoned to death by his employees. This happened in the sh*thole that is Noida, just outside Delhi, which planners and politicans are promoting as a gleaming example of India's new modernity. Noida is full of skyscrapers and modern office buildings... and kidnappings, riots and sporadic electricity.

Pedofile's 12-hour long attempt to escape to France on kayak fails.

19 year old tortured, beaten up for 13 hours by "friends" who accused her of stealing a cellphone.

CEOs of crashing companies being bailed out by the government are refusing to take a paycut as part of the $700 billion financial bailout system. It's like the captain of an ocean liner crashing it into an iceberg, then refusing to be rescued by the Coast Guard because they didn't send a yacht to pick him up. Sad part is I'm betting the CEOs will get their way as usual.

Meanwhile, Right Wingers are preparing to blame minorities and the poor for the subprime mortgage crisis.

Remember the $10 billion just plain lost in Iraq? Well add $13 billion more to that. "...He said a report that went to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and other top Iraqi officials was never published because "nobody cares" about investigating such cases. Many investigators, he said, feared for their safety because 32 of his co-workers have been murdered..." This story reads like an Onion article, except it's real.

Actual headline: Dead son can't be prosecuted for keeping mom in freezer.

Polar bears resorting to cannibalism as Arctic ice shrinks to second lowest ever recorded.

Wheelchair on cargo hold of passenger airliner bursts into flames on its own shortly after landing.

The Finnish school shooting already has politicians pushing for more monitoring of internet traffic. The WTF part was that Police actually detained and questioned him over his YouTube videos the day before the attack, but let him go because the videos "did not actually threaten anyone" specifically. I smell a future where I post an LJ entry saying "I'm so mad I could kill someone" and end up in jail for ten years over it because I have a gun at home.

Meanwhile, a woman admitted she helped her troubled, bullied 14-year-old son build a cache of weapons by buying him a rifle and gunpowder, but investigators still don't know if she was aware her son was planning a deadly school attack.

How to persuade / manipulate people with sneaky subconscious / subliminal techniques.

And finally, Cracked.com presents 6 brainwashing techniques they're using on you right now.
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This is a real Dennis the Menace strip that ran in... wait for it... 1970.

Yes, this actually ran nationwide in 1970, which beggars the question of just how out of touch creator Hank Ketcham was. Were the 1960's something that didn't happen for him? Whatever the case, the Cleveland Press printed this apology the day after the strip ran, printing it in place of what would have been that day's DENNIS THE MENACE installment:

"Yesterday's DENNIS THE MENACE cartoon offended a number of Press readers. The Press apologizes for the affront caused by the cartoonist. It assures subscribers that such a thing will not happen again."

Racism = LULz.


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Internet scrapings, offbeat news and other oddities.

Abu Ghraib Coffee Table.

Microsoft's new anti-Apple-switcher "I'm a PC" ads were made on Mac using Adobe Creative Suite 3.

Man uses $200 bill bearing George W. Bush's portrait and the White House with lawn signs reading "We like ice cream" and "USA deserves a tax cut" to cashier to buy $150 in groceries. Cashier hands $50 change back.

Actual headline: Monster pig holds woman hostage.

To make a baby, you need to eat 18 broccolis.

The Environmental Protection Agency has decided there's no need to rid drinking water of a toxic rocket fuel ingredient that has fouled public water supplies around the country. That was a copy-paste from the first line of the article itself, not me trying to be funny / sarcastic. I want to work for the EPA. Don't we all dream of jobs where you get paid a lot to do absolutely nothing?

Previously alive couple found out why you shouldn't have sex on regularly used railroad tracks. Double Darwin award?

Detriot cops beat diabetic man into a coma when they interpret his hypoglycemic episode as drunkenness. He had to have part of his brain surgically removed and he hasn't regained consciousness since.

Google honors International Talk Like A Pirate Day by offering Google in Pirate speak.

Please don't get on an airplane with replica hand grenades, kthx

Cocaine smugglers increasinly using submarines.

Cracked: The 6 most horrifying ways anyone ever got rich.

NASA deploys army of rubber duckies to track glacier movements.

Before and after pictures of Hurricane Ike.

A last-minute change in dinner plans saved pretty much the entire Pakistani government from being obliterated in the Marriott bomb blast.

A satnav error regularly sends 40 ton trucks gatecrashing funerals at a funeral home.

Jailbirds are apparently turning into the most ardent environmentalists, creating eco-havens while serving time.

Why you shouldn't take videos of yourself train-surfing and post them on YouTube.

Primary school teacher discovered to be moonlighting as a prostitute, school board not sure what to do.

Ministry / cult leader who preached that "consent is puberty" busted on charges of creating child pornography, kids in state custody. When his wife died back in 1982, he had her body on display for six months while he and the church prayed for her to come back to life.

Lehman Brothers' senior staff will get a $2.5 billion bonus, while 5,000 of its London staff don't know if they will even recieve their next paycheck.

And now, a yo-yo that can charge your iPhone or iPod.

Even coke dealers are charging their clients fuel surcharges.

Stressed plants produce aspirin.

Cellphones make your sperm stupider.

Deletionpedia, a collection of deleted wikipedia articles. Includes such notable examples as List of films with monkeys in them.
word can help write your suicide note

Internet scrapings, offbeat news, and other oddities

Trashy Italian supermodel (pictured) is selling her virginity for a million euros.

12 year old kid invents ultra-efficient, three dimensional solar cell.

Vintage Marlboro ads that targeted mothers.

From Seattle to Athens, Ga., homeless advocacy groups and city agencies are reporting the most visible rise in homeless encampments in a generation.

The world's shortest man meets the world's longest-legged woman.

Cracked.com: Five people you've never heard of who saved the world.

20 beautiful desert oases in pictures.

Anonymous hacks Sarah Palin's Yahoo email. According to the awesome rynthetyn, her password reset question was something you could have figured out from scanning the Wikipedia article on her.

Sex club run by six year olds busted. "Three boys aged six ran a sex club at a Brisbane state school demanding and receiving sexual favours from Year 2 classmates, a father has claimed... Meanwhile, on the Sunshine Coast, a gang of nine-year-old boys has been accused of "grooming" children as young as five to engage in sex acts. Investigators were told victims were rewarded with lollies."

Man arrested Monday night after he gave his suicidal roommate a loaded shotgun while they were drinking and talking about suicide. He promptly shot himself in the head and died.

Islamic Sharia courts are open and operating in the UK.

And here I get yet more motivation to become a vegetarian. Too bad pork is so delicious.

A little boy was left heartbroken after someone trespassed into his family's yard, killed his dog and left handwritten notes with mocking messages throughout the scene.

A person's strong political opinions reveal a lot about his/her psychological build-up, according to recent research. "Their research, published in the journal Science, indicates that people who are sensitive to fear or threat are likely to support a right wing agenda. Those who perceived less danger in a series of images and sounds were more inclined to support liberal policies. The authors believe their findings may help to explain why voters' minds are so hard to change." So WTF are Right Wingers so damn scared of?

India decides to battle terrorism by cracking down on open / unsecure Wi-Fi networks. WTF.

Verizon refuses to help find missing woman for four days. "Verizon, which has no problem helping the government spy on its customers, suddenly turned stupid in June when a police department asked them for help finding the body of a woman who had been abducted on camera. Despite pleas from the woman's parents, the police, and the FBI, it was four days before a technician was sent out to the appropriate cell tower. When that technician gave the police the location info, they found Kelsey Smith's body within 45 minutes. Verizon won't respond to requests for an explanation of why they couldn't help sooner."

Man gets sick of being bombarded with spam faxes, so he call-forwards them back to the rude receptionist of the company that they come from.
Epic win.

Save money at your wedding by renting the wedding cake. LULWUT

How Wall Street lied to its computers. "The people who ran the financial firms chose to program their risk-management systems with over-optimistic assumptions and to feed them oversimplified data. “There was a willful designing of the systems to measure the risks in a certain way that would not necessarily pick up all the right risks."

House MD's quotes on atheism. On one hand it's interesting they picked the lead character of a prime time TV show to be an atheist; on the other hand, he's incredibly bitter and unhappy, which is a common atheist stereotype. So is House being an outspoken atheist a good or a bad thing for atheism?

Woman flattened by own van while fleeing cops.

And now, Beer on a Stick (tm).

Audio engineer finds that Metallica's latest album sounds better on Guitar Hero III.

A house in Florida has been struck by vehicles 11 times in 7 years.

Prostitutes in Italy who have been ordered to stop wearing skimpy clothing while they tout for business in broad daylight plan to dress as nuns instead.

TSA "workers" apparently have immunity from the same screening they give passengers. "The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rolled out the new uniforms and new screening policy at airports nationwide on Sept. 11. The new policy says screeners can arrive for work and walk behind security lines without any of their belongings examined or X-rayed. "Lunch or a bomb, you can walk right through with it," said Mike Boyd, an aviation consultant in Evergreen. (...) However, two TSA workers in Atlanta were arrested this year for smuggling drugs and cash past screening checkpoints onto airplanes. Other screeners nationwide have been caught stealing from passengers. At DIA this year, a screener got caught bringing a gun through the checkpoint. Under the TSA's current policy, that gun would have gone undetected inside the airport. While screeners won't be subjected to searches, airline pilots will still have to go through security screening checkpoints.

You know those news stories about houses so filthy they're unfit for humans? This roach-infested filthpit was declared unfit for animals. A cop freaked out when roaches "rained down" on him on entry, and he found a baby in a crib covered with roaches crawling all over him. Amazingly the family had only been living there for four months. It must actually take effort to get it that filthy that fast.

France may soon ban Scientology altogether.

As hard as it may be to believe, Motorola may finally start working on a phone that isn't actually another RAZR clone.

StopForwarding.Us is a site that emails that loved one in your life who won't stop littering your inbox with forwarded bullshit, and politely and anonymously requests them to please cut it out.

A blog post generator for seriously lazy bloggers.

Electronic Frontier Foundation to sue U.S. government over NSA surveillance program.

BME: Is it possible to be too tattooed / pierced / modified to work in a tattoo shop?