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Internet scrapings and oddities for today

New study proves that unmarried men lead just as healthy lives as their married counterparts, despite being miserable and lonely and sexless. The married ones, that is. Via Fark.

Part of the Olympic Games opening ceremony display was edited with CGI fireworks added into the live feed in real time. There were real fireworks but CGI was added anyway.

The pretty girl who won national fame after singing at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was only miming, because the real singer wasn't cute enough to be shown. But the singer was Yang Peiyi, who was not allowed to appear because she is not as "flawless" as nine-year-old Lin.

A toddler whose body was found earlier this year crammed into a suitcase was a cult murder. His family killed him because he refused to say "amen" after his meals. He was 19 months old. They thouht he was / had a demon. They originally kept his body in a suitcase because they thought God would bring him back to life. Which, as the Fark thread points out, makes you wonder why they wanted God to resurrect him if he had a demon in him, or was a demon himself. Oh well.

The specific gene has been discovered that decides whether you either laugh or shit bricks at a horror movie. It's a gene that determines how you react to anxiety.

Giant 3,300 Lbs Stingray Caught by Local Fisherman.

Almighty Allah busted on narcotics charges.


Slim pickings as my usual sources are mostly dry tonight :(

Despite this, I'm considering starting a new LJ just for my offbeat news posts. Maybe even a community. Tagged and meticulously organized, since tagging these posts is turning my LJ tags into a train wreck :-P

What do you guys think, y/n?
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internet scrapings

Christian motorcycle gang held in assault and attempted murder charges after brawl with Hells Angels. wat

Actual headline: Grandma arrested for driving with child on roof. MARATHON, Fla. - Authorities say a grandmother was arrested for driving around the parking lot of a Marathon grocery store with her 3-year-old child sitting on the roof of the car.

The world's largest flower stinks of rotting meat or rancid cheese, looks very much like a giant penis, takes up to 15 years to bloom and has an indescribably awful smell for about 12 hours when it first opens.

US Border agents confiscate laptop because it has gay porn on it. According to those close to the CBSA, it not an uncommon story. And as the Supreme Court of Canada has pointed out in the Little Sister's bookstore case, porn that would be perfectly legal to make, sell and possess in Canada is often stopped at the border. Academic papers, fictions, letters and correspondence, bootlicking pictures, family photos — it can all get you in trouble.

Hackers get kicked out of hacker conference for hacking.

Awesome solar panel table is awesome.
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Fabulous news.

Old news, but posting for the benefit of those of you who may not have heard.

Brain scan study shows that biology and brain symmetry may determine gay/straight brains.

An edit of the rather verbose and technical article, cut down for clarity and brevity, is as follows:

According to a new Swedish study, some physical characteristics within the brains of homosexual people are also found in the brains of heterosexual people of the opposite sex.

The conclusions of the study showed that straight men and gay women both had "asymmetric" cerebral (front) parts of the brain, with the right hemisphere slightly larger than the left. Distinctly, the results of the study also showed that gay men and straight women both had "symmetrical" cerebral parts, with both brain hemispheres of the same size.

Thus, the brain scans produced in the study found important structures in the brain that control emotion, mood, anxiety, and aggressiveness are similar between gay people and straight people of the opposite sex. That is, the general structure of the amygdale in gay men was found to be similar to the structure found in straight women and, likewise, the structure of the amygdale in lesbians (gay women) was found to be similar to straight men.

This study and other similar studies have been very convincing at showing that sexual preference in humans is possibly determined at conception or developed while the fetus is developing in the mother’s womb.

In either case, it suggests that sexual preference is present at birth.

Other researchers, in previous studies of a similar nature, used responses from their subjects with respect to sexually explicit questions and actions to show a link with sexual preference and the structure of the brain.

For instance, a sample question could have included a picture of a man and a women with the question being asked: "Do you prefer one face over the other?" Such responses in these studies could have likely been learned after birth--thus, not determined before birth.

This study, however, places a direct biological link between sexual preference and brain development before birth.

Their June 16, 2008 paper entitled “PET and MRI show differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects” was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (PNAS).

The original article partly quoted above:

The scientific paper itself:

Also, for the benefit of those that still don't know, the truth is that homosexuality runs rampant in the animal kingdom. Therefore, strictly speaking, homosexuality is in fact natural:


I'm not even getting into group sex, sex changes, lesbianism, exhibitionism, etc. that you generally may not have heard about in biology class or on National Geographic but that any biologist or scientist will tell you like it's as obvious and well known as the sky being blue.

If you want to get theological about it, animals can't / don't sin because they never bit the fruit of good and evil and don't have souls to go to heaven or hell when they die. Of course the supposed answer to this is that the Earth is fallen and that includes the animals, etc. But then just remember, kids: interracial marriage and women's rights were, up until fairly recently, also considered unnatural too. Just sayin'.

White supremacists and segregationalists thumped the Bible and preached against the abolition of slavery in exactly the same way that Christians are bemoaning the acceptance of gays and the legalization of gay marriage and gay parenting today.

Hey, don't take this heathen's word for it, ask respected Christian author Philip Yancey, he's the one that pointed that out to me in one of his books. True story.

For the record, I am one hundred percent straight.

But I have enough gay friends to know that it's not just a "choice" like, "oh, which pants should I wear today?" or "hey, where should we get dinner?" Even before Swedish scientists armed with MRIs proved it.

But that's a nice bonus too.
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California uses more gasoline than all of China, among some other interesting statistics.

Pet goldfish gets a lip piercing. For the record, goldfish do NOT have 30 second memory.

Orchids are literally having sex bees and wasps, apparently.

CNN reporter investigates / criticizes TSA, finds self on terror watchlist. Meanwhile Bin Laden still at large, etc. This watchlist has crossed one million names.

Teenage stoners arrested after digging up the corpse of an 11 year old boy and using its skull as a bong. Complete with bad pun headline.

Porn queen and terrifying sex maniac Belladonna says priests need sreet-level knowledge of sex and a supply porn so they won't go around f*cking little boys. FTA: She also has offered to donate some of her own time to help set up a "meaningful set of exercises for priests to help them deal with sexual tension and stress".
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And now, the latest threat to the Beijing Olympics: Seaweed.

Ayveq, the (in)famous masturbating walrus at the New York Aquarium, has died. :(

In Papua New Guinea, village women are swapping sex for unwanted canned fish. "Since the company's establishment on our land they have given little back in terms of service and as a result the women are now trading sex for fish. Before the company came we were able to make ends meet just by supplying the town with fish. This has changed."

Suicides in National Parks on the rise.

San Francisco voting to possibly "honor" President Bush by renaming a sewage treatment plant after him. Sponsors of the ballot measure say it’s a fitting tribute to a president who made a big mess. The commission, which apparently hatched the idea one night over beers, has collected 8,500 signatures — 1,300 more than the 7,168 needed to get a measure on the November ballot. If officials verify that those signatures are from registered city voters, proposition rename-the-sewage-plant is a go.

Australian kid arrested for offensive behavior for wearing a T-shirt that said "Jesus is a Cunt." The phrase is a Cradle of Filth song. A few months ago, BoingBoing reported a guy not being allowed to board a plane because his T-shirt had a drawing of a Manga robot armed with a sci-fi gun on it. A few years back, an Arab American high school student was suspended for wearing a shirt with a picture of Bush with the slogan "International Terrorist" under it. The student went to a high school whose population was about half Arab Americans and the other half various minorities. And meanwhile, a T-shirt consiting solely of the names of various soldiers killed in the Iraq War in very fine print (done with permission from the soldiers' families) had been banned in multiple states. I didn't know T-shirts were such a threat to public safety.

Woman tries to steal manure, fails, falls into dung tank, flees naked.

NASA says that Martian soil is so similar to Earth soil that asparagus could grow in it.

Ten incredibly bizarre looking, rare cloud types.

There's a very good chance that there will be no ice at the North Pole this summer.

Ironically, Finding Nemo has caused clownfish to become critically endangered.
Demand of the fish as pets from children who loved the film increased sharply after the film's release, leading to over-harvesting of the coral reefs for these tiny clownfish. Facepalm. Not only that, but clownfish are marine fish, which any aquarist will tell you requires pretty freaking advanced fishkeeping skills. It's no goldfish in a goldfish bowl that a kid can take care of.
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Mechanic builds world's smallest Hummer out of existing popular Indian car, Suzuki Wagon R, to cope with rising fuel prices.
Incidentally, can someone convert 65 to 100 kilometers to the litre into miles per gallon? Because that's how much most standard Indian motorcycles can pull off, even the "sporty" ones. Most Indian cars have engine sizes comparable to small American motorcycles. The Suzuki Wagon R, for example, has a "tiny" 1000 cc engine.

State of the plumbing art: 10 examples of cutting-edge bathroom design.

Woman dies in accident while trying to photograph another accident.

Woman who was campaigning against putting a speed limit on a lake dies in a powerboat accident on that lake. Darwin plus irony.

Man stmops and kicks baby to death on street until shot by cops. DNA testing will be required to identify the baby because he was beaten beyond recognition.

Off-duty nurse pulls cop out of crashed burning car, gets arrested and jailed for it. "She pulled Brogan from the wreckage and helped her to a nearby stoop. Soon after, police approached Jackson and told her that the driver's weapon had been stolen. ... Jackson was accused of the theft. She was held for two days with little food and water and was threatened with violence until she agreed to sign a statement police had prepared for her. She was then charged and spent more than 10 months in the Cook County Jail awaiting trial." Ah, cops. How typical.

Strange fumes from toilet force pilots to make emergency landing. The 52-year old pilot complained of feeling light headed shortly after take-off. Other members of the crew also complained that they felt "drunk" after the fumes started seeping into the body of the aircraft and cockpit. There were no passengers on this flight.

Remember the Texas mother who chopped her baby's arms off because God told her to? Yeah, she's perfectly sane and ready to be released now, she says. A mother who killed her 10-month-old daughter in 2004 by cutting off her arms has told a judge she is ready to leave a state mental hospital.... Schlosser was arrested in November 2004 after police found her soaked in blood, holding a kitchen knife and listening to a hymn as her daughter Maggie lay dying in her crib.

R Kelly acquitted.

U.S. military officers responsible for defending Guantanamo detainees said they will investigate why five men accused in the Sept. 11 attacks were allowed to talk among themselves at their arraignment, allegedly pressuring one of the defendants to reject his lawyers.

Top 5 ways to cause a manmade earthquake. We're already causing manmade earthquakes fairly regularly, according to the article.
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Australian family's home inexplicably bombarded with gourmet food on semi-regular basis.

JARS of jam, dead flounder, fish guts and canned soups have all been thrown at an Aberfoyle Park house during a spate of bizarre attacks by gourmet vandals. "The type of food is a bit unusual in itself ... Masterfood sauces, Beerenberg jams and canned soup," Mr. Baird said. In the latest attack, on May 20, vandals threw nine flounder at the house and spread fish guts over the front yard. "It's not a particularly cheap fish. It's a real waste of food," he said.

More than one million American homes are now in foreclosure. (via Consumerist)

Also via Consumerist: City of Los Angeles to sue Time Warner cable for plain sucking.

Polar bear swims to Iceland, the first time something like this has happened in 15 years, and is promptly shot and killed. Polar bears are critically endangered and one of the species most threatened by climate change.

Man orders his own father killed a day before his retirement in order to get his government job. Shocking and bizarre until you read it happened in Bihar, which is kind of like India's Florida.