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Internet Scrapings, Offbeat News and Other Bizarre Oddities

Cracked.com: 7 'Ancient' Forms of Mysticism That Are Recent Inventions.

The 7 Sleaziest Mating Rituals in the Animal Kingdom.

An American goes to work at an Indian call center.

Woman gets pregnant, then gets pregnant while already pregnant.

Yo dawg...

Why Do the Police Have Tanks? The Strange and Dangerous Militarization of the US Police Force.

News of the World to close after 168 years in wake of multiple despicable phone hacking scandals.

Listen to a Thunderstorm on Saturn.

Bjork Releases The First Ever "iPad Album". All of the songs on her album will have their own custom-designed app, that allow users to manipulate the songs on the device.

Female judge in Florida runs into another judge's chambers after taking cellphone pics of men at urinals, then bites cop after insisting no laws were broken.

Man believed he would be raptured on May 21 as Harold Camping said. Co-workers bring on the lulz from May 22 onwards. Man shoots co-workers. God works in mysterious ways etc.

A couple is recovering after discovering they were being eaten alive by tiny worms with teeth - or as they call it there in Australia, Thursday.

Anonymous protests Florida arresting people for feeding the homeless, so Orlando police take message from Anonymous as threat against mayor.

Man wrongfully jailed for five days for cashing Chase check at Chase bank, has car towed and sold off, all because he didn't "look" like he was about to buy a house.

Here's hoping he sues the absolute crap out of them.

12-year-old girl commits suicide so that she can donate her eyes to her father, and her kidneys to her sick brother, and also save her family the burden of dowry. If this wasn't tragic enough, the family discovered her suicide note AFTER they had cremated her.
Multiple layers of FUBAR: Let's not even get into the factors that donating eyes isn't that straightforward (the sizes don't always match between donors and recipients) and that the girl poisoned herself, which would render her kidneys useless for donation anyway :(

A group called "The Christian Left" is trying to bring Christians together on Facebook to do what they're supposed to do: support progressive causes and candidates and fight for human rights, including those of LGBT people. Their ad was pulled due to "negative user feedback."

Wife shocks husband with demand for divorce. So husband decides to shock wife with homemade electric chair.

When your neighbor gets hold of illegal fireworks labelled “If found please report to the U.S. government” and lights them up at close range, you can bet it won't end well.
"“He went over into the middle of the street, and within 10 seconds of us talking to him, he lit it and all we saw was a cloud of smoke, a bang... When I walked up to his body, it was nothing but his shoulders down.”

Suspected crash landing turns out to just be a pilot stopping off mid-flight at a strip club.

Senator Chuck Grassley questioned why the Department of Justice did not take action against "an admitted serial viewer of pornography" who served as an Assistant United States Attorney, even after the department’s Inspector General found at least one image of child porn on his work computer.

NYC pet store bans drunk people from buying puppies.

Sulfur pollution from 1998 to 2008 counteracted climate change, defying decades-long trend. This is sometimes cited as evidence to deny global warming.

Vivid Entertainment, an adult-entertainment company, dangled an offer to Casey Anthony to star in a porno and then withdrew it, citing the “overwhelmingly negative response” from the public.

Kim Kardashian, whose daddy helped OJ get off, weighs in on the Casey Anthony verdict on Twitter, and gets e-bitch slapped.

Man with HIV raped 6-month-old infant.

72-year-old woman named Adolph eaten by bears.

The U.S. capitalizes on prisons. Prisoners work for slave wages at 23 cents an hour producing at large military equipment and arms. The condition of work is dangerous, toxic and unprotected. The U.S. population of prisoners is larger than any in the world.

Founder of eHarmony recommends not getting married.
"If marriage didn't exist, would you invent it?" - Doug Stanhope.

Police serve warrant to photograph victim's penis.

Pfizer’s quit smoking drug raises heart risks by 72 percent: study.

Climate Denier Paul Gosar Blames Arizona Wildfires On ‘Extreme Environmental Groups’.

"Officer of the Year" charged with selling meth.

The first and only Swedish astronaut tries to commit suicide with homeopathic medicine, in order to prove that it dosen't work at all.

Apocalyptic Sign: Shia LaBeouf Befriends Marilyn Manson and Plans to Direct.

NY Times under attack from gas industry for its negative fracking coverage.

Too bad CEO pay only jumped 23% last year.

Florida Police Refuse to Take Action Against Mortgage Company That Illegally Ransacked and Burgled Man's Home.

In 2005, a psychologist and an economist taught a group of capuchin monkeys the concept of currency. In no too long, the first monkey prostitute was born.

California lawmakers pass bill to teach gay history.

Woman attacked by werewolf, apparently.

Michael Bay presents - The Lance Armstrong Story.

Women in the US military are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire: More than 19,000 women servicemembers were raped or sexually assaulted in 2010, whereas less than 1,000 men and women servicemembers died in combat in 2010 (infographic)

Weighing in on evolution...

Clean your room before selling anything on Ebay.

Study shows pigeons can recognize the faces of the humans who mistreated them.


Fun fact: All of the genealogy websites are run by Mormons and they are converting all your dead relatives.

Religion and scientific progress.

Vietnam Era Weapon, Agent Orange, Being Used to Clear the Amazon.

Fracking Fluids poison Monongahela National Forest, West Viginia.

Scientists drag light by slowing it to speed of sound.

The final nail in the supply side coffin: taxes are low, interest rates are low, corporations are sitting on $2 trillion in cash - but nothing "trickles down."

Meanwhile, in NYC: Woman takes a shower. On a subway train.

Woman Kicked Off Airplane, Deemed "Security Risk" for Taking Cell Phone Pic of Rude Employee.

$22 billion in gold, jewels found beneath Indian temple.

PC Magazine:Are Hacker Attacks Government Operation To Push Internet Censorship Laws?
From the cover of DUH Magazine.

"TSA warns of possible airline threat involving surgically implanted bombs."
My bullshit detector is screaming off the scale.

"Rise of the hacker journalist": Gizmodo tries to equate Wikileaks' exposure of the truth to The News of the World's hacking of a missing and dead 13-year-old girl's voicemail. Classy, no?

Company Fined €25,000 For Altering Wikipedia.

France preparing itself to pass a decree that would let ministers remove internet content that they think threatens "public order" without a court order.
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