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Internet Scrapings, Offbeat News and Other Bizarre Oddities

Cracked.com: 5 Acts of Nature That Rearranged the Face of the Planet.

Cracked.com: The 6 Most Amazing Military Raids of All-Time.

Endangered monkey steals wildlife photographer's camera, takes loads of pics of himself in various poses, expressions.

Fox News' Twitter hacked, posts that Obama had been assassinated. No one really notices.

Journalists at Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid News of the World hacked the voicemail of a high-profile missing teenage girl, giving false hope to her family that she was alive when she had in fact been murdered. This is the latest in an ongoing scandal of journalists hacking the phones of celebrities and other people in the news.


Daily Mail blames freak natural accident on striking teachers.

A two-year-old Chinese girl survived a fall from a 10th-floor window thanks to a passer-by who raced to catch the toddler, state media reported Sunday.

Ten (real) most dangerous doctors of all time.

Motorcyclist dies after hitting head on pavement during protest against helmet laws.

It's like rain, on your wedding day.

DIY internet spreading through Middle East and Africa: "Just $60 of everyday items such as wood, cans, plastic tubs, wires and car batteries can provide internet service for hundreds of people. It's like the "telephone" of your youth and the best MacGyver episode ever, all rolled up into one."

Fun fact: Four U.S. presidents were male cheerleaders in college.

JFK airport invaded by turtles.

Also: Man stung by scorpion in airline flight.

16-year-old kid survives his SECOND plane crash. First one killed his mom, brother, and sister. Second one killed his dad and step-mom. He has no family left.

NASA suing astronaut Edgar Mitchell, sixth human to walk on the moon, for selling off a camera used on the surface of the moon. He argues that astronauts of his era were permitted to keep mementos from their missions, and that had he not kept the camera, it would have been destroyed by NASA. He decided to sell the camera because of financial problems.

5 Civil War reenactors struck by lightning.

Mystery woman drives by a burning building; gets out of car; runs into building and rescues child and then disappears.

Three US psychiatrists at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, responsible for trailblazing the use of antipsychotic drugs in children, are facing sanctions for their failure to declare their acceptance of millions of dollars from pharmaceutical companies between 2000 and 2007.

A couple who say they were driven out of their family farm by the "nightmare" hum of wind turbines have mounted a ground-breaking £2.5 million compensation bid in London's High Court.

Fox News photoshops man into claymation-esque freak to make him appear untrustworthy.

Australian TV bans a satirised furniture maker's advert, the satire showing the company's real logging policy. Link includes ad.

Tea Party Nation endorses anti-gay bullying: "This is not bullying. It is peer pressure and is healthy."

India offers prizes to those who volunteer to be sterilized.

Cops mistook mentally challenged teenager's speech impediment for disrespect, so they Tasered, pepper-sprayed and beat him and called for backup after he rode his bike home to ask his mother to help him communicate with cops.

American Dad points out the advantage to getting your kids fat on fast food.

North Korea claims soccer players were struck by lightning after loss to U.S. Not TheOnion.

Vietnam Vet has his $10 000 lotto winnings confiscated because he was on welfare.

U.S. Navy bought 59,000 microchips that turned out to be fakes from China. Wired reports the chips had been made with a "back-door" and could have been remotely shut down at any time.

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Spraying Deputies With Breast Milk.

Police serve warrant to photograph victim's penis.

Annual cost of air conditioning for US war soldiers greater than NASA budget.

Just a video of a seal, snoring.

A Miami Beach police officer who authorities say struck two people with his department ATV Sunday morning on the sands of South Beach was allegedly drinking on the job and joyriding with a woman at the time of the crash.

China really, really interested in owning Facebook.

It's class warfare when Obama wants to tax corporate jets. But it's not class warfare when Republicans want to cut Medicare, unemployment and union rights. Everybody got that?

California man creates fake army unit, cons Chinese immigrants into enlisting.

Woman dies in swimming pool, no one notices for two days.

So it's like Weekend at Bernie's, except with a dead baby in a stroller and a shopping spree for mommy.

Woman gets into argument with another woman on tram, picks up her own baby and uses it as a baseball bat and goes swinging.

German police vulture apparently really sucks at his job.

"No, no, no, officer, I didn't rape her. I thought she was dead, you see..."

Ceremonies to celebrate divorces increase in Japan in the wake of disaster. Also, apparently divorces are celebrated in Japan.

Man who kept 24 king cobra snakes as pets, and photographed himself kissing them, dies when... oh, go on, guess

Man drives truck into lake, escapes, survives. Then jumps back in lake to retrieve belongings, Darwins.

Hundreds of Columbian women withhold sex from their partners until road gets fixed.

World Testicle & Aphrodisiac Cooking Championships have revealed they will dedicate their dishes to Britain's Prince William and Duchess Catherine.

"The resident doctor incorrectly placed a needle with a local anesthetic "directly into Jose's eye instead of behind the eye as was proper. Then, failing to recognize her error, she proceeded to inject so much anesthetic, so quickly, that Jose's eye literally exploded."

"The driver told the deputy that he didn't realize there was a dead pedestrian, severed leg, and shattered windshield in his passenger seat." Why, yes, alcohol was a factor, why do you ask?

From the Goddamn it all to Hell Dept.:

Believing in fairy tales can engender false memories, says scientific study.

Father of year candidate burns his son's hand because the boy touched his Bible and he thought he might be possessed. Bonus: Dad still lives with his parents

Professor hands out test paper with a question referring to a boy named Mohammed. So two Muslims chop off his hand for insulting the prophet of the religion of peace (tm).

American evangelist with "healing powers" visits Australia, gets shitfaced drunk, crashes car. Judge declares him a "person of good character" under a lot of "ministerial pressure", lets him go free with no jail time or fine. Preacher adds that God has forgiven him.

Christians persecute Pagan bookshop using Christian pamphlets, literature, harassment. You know, because it's all about sharing the unconditional, accepting love of Jesus.

Man believed he would be raptured on May 21 as Harold Camping said. Co-workers bring on the lulz from May 22 onwards. Man shoots co-workers. God works in mysterious ways etc.

From The Internet is at War Dept.:

Australia's internet industry claimed that 80-90% of Australians would have their internet connections filtered for child pornography this year.

Hollywood Force ISP To Use Child Abuse Filter Against File-Sharing Site.

US, UK Targeting Piracy Websites Outside Their Borders.

How anything you've EVER said on the internet could be seen by employers as Feds approve firm that dishes dirt on applicants.

LEAKED: UK copyright lobby holds closed-door meetings with gov't to discuss national Web-censorship regime.

Stating the obvious: LulzSec, Anonymous Reason For PROTECT IP Act, Says RIAA.

Hacker allegedly breaches Florida voting database to prove how easy electronic voting can be tampered with.

Microsoft May Add Eavesdropping To Skype: patent application from 2009 describes 'recording agents' to legally intercept VoIP phone calls, is comprehensive enough to make you think twice about VoIP audio and video communications.

Google chairman warns of censorship after Arab Spring: The use of the web by Arab democracy movements could lead to some states cracking down harder on internet freedoms, Google's chairman says.

From The Earth Will Kill Us All Dept.:

Swarms of venomous jelly fish and poisonous algae are migrating into British waters due to changes in the ocean temperatures, a major new study has revealed.

In other news, unusually large jellyfish populations shut down nuclear power plant in UK.

Climate sceptic Willie Soon received $1m from oil companies, papers show.

The State of Illinois is spending taxpayer money to distribute misleading information about coal to schoolchildren and teachers.

Sahara may be seeing the end of hundreds of years of drought. Turning green in some areas.

Drought in East Africa the Result of Climate Change and Conflict.

One of the world's most prominent scientific figures to be sceptical about climate change has admitted to being paid more than $1m in the past decade by major US oil and coal companies.

Climate models are creating a false sense of security, or at least insufficient terror.

Climate scientists targeted by unrelenting harassment campaign.
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