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Internet Scrapings, Offbeat News and Other Bizarre Oddities

Cracked.com: 5 Ways Methamphetamine Can Make You a New Person.

Gay marriage passes NY senate.

Quite possibly the worst tattoo(s) in sports.

Man robs bank for $1 so he could be arrested and sent to jail for free medical health care.

Teenager fined $100 for slapping highly endangered seal.

Couple who prayed instead of taking their baby to hospital when she looked like this, have been sentenced to jail.

A self-styled Taiwanese 'prophet' has been convicted of 'spreading rumours' when he said a monster earthquake would destroy the island last month and fined TW$40,000 ($1,708).

Meanwhile, Harold Camping was fined a grand total of zero.

Dutchman Builds Massive Ark to Save the Netherlands From Drowning.

They must be smoking some killer weed up there.

A simple image that accurately explains much of what's wrong with the world today.

Found via Reddit.

Mexican druglords building their own tanks, to add to their homemade narco subs. What next, their own air force?

The Brazilian government has confirmed the existence of a previously unknown group of so-called uncontacted people who have remained isolated from industrial society.

Man to ship himself across country from Arkansas to Oregon inside a crate while playing Lord of the Rings Online.

1,325 MPG Hypermiling Car Piloted by 11-Year-Old Girl.

Six Seriously Strange Animal Adaptations.

J-awesome operation: Twelve-pound tumor removed from woman's mouth in Germany.

78 Photography Rules for Complete Idiots.

Dog dies after cops arrest owner for being drunk in public and ignore his pleas to release it from his car; owner now being charged with dog's death.

The most depressing news story for this week: 15-year-old girl runs away with beloved pet dog to save it from being put to sleep, crashes family minivan, killing herself and her dog.

Wikileaks exposes US profiteering after Haiti earthquake.

Cops on bicycles chase down criminal on a bicycle.

The New York Fed is refusing to tell investigators how many billions of dollars it shipped to Iraq during the early days of the US invasion there.

Renowned horse trainer arrested for driving naked while smoking meth to "relieve the stress" of being arrested for child molestation. This guy doesn't sound stable [Dumbass]
Headline by Fark.

"A female patron of the festival walked into a portable toilet and told police she noticed that something was moving inside the tank when she lifted the lid... The supervisor tried to detain the suspect, but he ran away, covered in feces."

Eye-popping excitement: "Police say one of the men allegedly beat the other with a sledgehammer, dislodging his right eyeball from the socket."

Man went to court wearing jacket he was accused of stealing.

Bear cub put down for being 'too friendly'.

Bono's wandering cock annoys neighbours.

Woman films cops doing a traffic stop from her front yard, gets arrested for it.

Follow up: Supporters of woman arrested for filming cops at traffic stop have been harassed by cops through selective enforcing of parking laws.
"During a neighborhood meeting in support of Ms Good, Rochester Police came out with a ruler and measured the parking-distance of the attendees' cars. Cars that were more than 12 inches from the curb (even by half an inch) were ticketed. Needless to say, the 12 inch ordinance isn't normally enforced with this kind of vigor."

Australian ISPs To Start Filtering the Internet.

Woman Wakes Up at Her Own Funeral, Has a Heart Attack, and Dies.
"A 49 year old woman, Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, declared dead and prepared for burial in her coffin, woke up with mourners praying for her soul, started screaming, and died of shock within twelve minutes."

Blogger criticizes restaurant, goes to jail for it.

Hacked emails from security contractor HBGary Federal reveal a disturbing public-private partnership to spy on web users.

Data mining of prescription drug records for marketing purposes is protected under free speech says Supreme Court [PDF]

Pioneering Rawandan woman shatters the old sexist myth that girls are no good at genocide [Sad]
Headline by Fark.

Man goes 37 years without a bath, because his priest told him it would help him have a son.

Anti-gay therapy drove gay man to suicide.

Cop arrests cop for DUI.

GE’s ironic new slogan: ‘Natural gas. It’s hot stuff.’

Redefining the Language of War: Nine Words With New Meanings.

"Intimate piercing" earns Melbourne soccer player red card.

Woman abandons children at gas station, then runs into woods half-naked to save the world.

Mom tries to end argument with teenage daughter by trying to bite off her nose, later claims she did so accidentally.

Man dies trying to amputate own legs with hacksaw.

Firefighter who was honored for responding to the most fire calls is arrested - for setting fires.

Actual Florida headline: Meanwhile in Florida: Guy Fowlkes Arrested in Gunpowder Plot.

Old and busted: Delta losing your luggage. New hotness: Delta bouncing around your lost luggage for four days, then pissing all over it.

Fired IT Worker Replaces CEO's Presentation With Porn.

Mayor Unveils Brilliant Plan to Solve Financial Crisis: 3 Days of Fasting and Prayer.

Not news: Daughter stabs man threatening to kill her mother. News: Daughter is 9. WTF: Not the first time she's had to do it

Man gets drunk and naked, decides to perform surgery on pet doberman.

Times Square invaded by Yoga class.

A Melbourne church youth leader claimed his rape of an unconscious 14-year-old girl, who he later tried to kill by burning her alive with petrol, was prompted by his "sexual demons".

Party bus attendee opens emergency roof hatch, sticks head out through roof as bus goes under low overpass, Darwins.

Man arrested in love triangle involving 3 dogs and 1 horse.

Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning.

Atheists raise funds for vandalized churches.

And now: sleepovers at the zoo.

The World's Wealthiest People Now Richer than Before the Credit Crunch.

Drunken tow boat captain rescued stranded sailors, then drove around in circles for hours.

Hacked emails from security contractor HBGary Federal reveal a disturbing public-private partnership to spy on web users.

Where donuts come from.

After charging two men with raping a teenage tourist in Dubai, the government charges her with having 'sexual urges'.
Ah, Dubai.

Unemployed man facing jail for not having child support money burns himself alive in front of courthouse.

India's war on farmers.

Five More Arrested For Feeding The Homeless In Florida.

North Atlantic Fish Stocks: They're not depleted, they're GONE.

Giant rats eat two babies in South Africa townships in separate attacks.

IEA says World Crude Oil Production Peaked in 2006 and we need 4 new Saudi Arabias.
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