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A fun game to play on May 22

Via Reddit, of course.

Edit: I do not post this as an attack on Christianity as such; I know many of you reading my LiveJournal are Christians. I'm posting this out of anger at these assholes that have either not read their Bible / cherry-picked it, or are deliberately manipulating and screwing with naiive but essentially decent, God-fearing people who have already shitty enough lives facing recession and joblessness, that the end of the world comes to them as fantastic news. Don't forget that there are people who have quit their jobs, blown their life savings, put their pets to sleep, sold everything they have, in preparation for a rapture that most of us (including Christians) could bet their house won't happen. I'm predicting suicides as a result. Perhaps some atheists think this is funny, but I'm willing to bet most of them are appalled at this gross heartless manipulation, knowing that those responsible will escape all accountability though basically what's represented in the image above.

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