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Internet Scrapings, Offbeat News and Other Bizarre Oddities

The size of Antarctica compared to the size of the United States.

Chinese scientists create world's smartest rat.

Cracked.com: 18 Hilarious Modes of Transport Science Gave Up On Too Soon.

Cracked.com: 6 Things Your Body Does Every Day That Science Can't Explain.

Canadian government threatens environmental activists with terrorism charges.

So basically, guys who flew planes into buildings = hippies posting signs pointing out an industry's rampant pollution? Got it.

10 cars way too far ahead of their time.

Pictured: The world's first gasoline-electric hybrid car, created by Porsche... in 1898.

Man quits coffee, finds he can concentrate better.

ThinkGeek presents awesome geeky maternity shirts for pregnant nerds and geeks.

South Carolina Republicans use Jew stereotype to defend Senator DeMint. Surprisingly, some people are offended.

Sequoia Voting Systems Inadvertently releases source code onto the internet, with interesting results from analysis of the code:
"What was revealed was thousands of lines of MS-SQL source code that appears to control or at least influence the logical flow of the election, in violation of a bunch of clauses in the FEC voting system rulebook banning interpreted code, machine modified code and mandating hash checks of voting system code."

The ten strangest inflatable things.

Changing the world, one orgy at a time: Discovering the transformative spiritual power of a Bacchanalian orgy.

Farm under investigation for promoting itself as a place to have sex with animals.

Balloon boy's father 'wanted TV fame before world ends in 2012'.
"Richard Heene, the man suspected of the alleged "balloon boy" hoax, was driven by a conviction that the world will come to a cataclysmic end in 2012, according to a friend."

A Spanish bride spent her wedding night in jail after she hit a policeman who was trying to break up a fight between her family and relatives of the groom.

Man proves he has world's strongest fingers.

A man who worked for years as a nurse's aide in Maryland and Pennsylvania has been crowned as a king in Uganda.

Leech convicts Australian theif.

German man robs a shop on the way to police station to be interrogated over an unrelated matter.

A Spanish bride spent her wedding night in jail after she hit a policeman who was trying to break up a brawl between her family and relatives of the groom.

Malcom X was bisexual.

Man kills zombie by running it down with his pickup truck. Only it wasn't really a zombie but a normal human being. Oops.

Dad beats 23-month-old daughter to death for playing with and tearing up his cigarettes.
""I did not go into the kitchen to stop my husband as I thought that was the way he wanted to discipline Nikie," the wife was quoted as saying by the newspaper."

The UK's biggest ever investigation of sex trafficking failed to find a single person who had forced anybody into prostitution in spite of hundreds of raids on sex workers in a six-month campaign by government departments, specialist agencies and every police force in the country.
"The failure has been disclosed by a Guardian investigation which also suggests that the scale of and nature of sex trafficking into the UK has been exaggerated by politicians and media. Current and former ministers have claimed that thousands of women have been imported into the UK and forced to work as sex slaves, but most of these statements were either based on distortions of quoted sources or fabrications without any source at all."

Holocaust denier, convicted of attacking Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel in an elevator in 2007, now sets his sights on $60M in damages from an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor.

Man goes for the high score, breaks 15 traffic laws in 11 minutes.
"A driver has confounded Swiss police by committing 15 traffic violations in just over 10 minutes, officials say. The 47-year-old initially raced past an unmarked police car in heavy rain at 160 km/h (100mph) before weaving close to other cars and the road's kerb. The serial offender clocked up further offences for speeding, driving on the hard shoulder, running a set of red lights and failing to stop for police. When finally pulled over by St Gallen police, he failed a drugs test."

Woman attempts to kill raccoon in her trailer using fireworks, ends up sets her trailer home on fire.

Scientist who helped discover water on the moon arrested for allegedly selling US tech secrets to Israel.

Slowest news day EVAR, apparently.

Today's nutbar story involves gasoline, a crossbow, a samurai sword, a "bat shield" and falling "like a sack of potatoes" from a stun gun hit. "This guy has issues. He's not dealing with a straight deck"

Police chase ends when drunk driver is run over by his own truck.

The Russian version of "Icy Hot Stuntaz."

Morgue Worker Admits to Sex with More Bodies.

"Please take my right wing extremist parrot"

Man Designs and Builds Machine To Fight His Own Cancer.

Congress "Getting Completely Crushed" With Over 200,000 Calls For Obama's Healthcare Reform.

How to get attention, by Steve Bren.

Man arrested for drinking coffee while naked in his own home.
Tomorrow: Man arrested for posting Internet Scrapings and Offbeat News at oversized, 2-ton laptop while naked in his own home.

The 15 Most Brutal Methods Of Execution Of All Time.

Staff flee regime of Australian Governor.
"A third of employees at official residence in Canberra walk out on 'very difficult' boss."

Boston.com's The Big Picture presents a stunning gallery of Saturn at Equinox.

Researchers hire unicycle-riding clown to ride around campus to prove cellphone users are inattentive.

"The mouse sniffed the floor curiously. It didn’t seem to care that a fiber-optic cable was threaded through its skull. Nor did it seem to mind that half of its motor cortex had been reprogrammed. One of the students flipped a switch. Instantly, the mouse began running in counterclockwise circles..."

Guy resigns, writes hilarious farewell email.

Man enlists in the army so his wife can get treated for cancer.

The president of Kyrgyzstan calls for reform; the entire government resigns.

So basically, Anglicans who are pissed off that their church has become more accepting of gay priests have decided to join a church that have been more accepting of pedophile priests.

CSI, and computers on TV, explained perfectly.

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