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Rare non-Internet Scrapings related post

So I've been doing a lot of cycling again, after ages off the saddle (I sold my bike to pay the rent, but am in the process of owning a new one now, a gorgeous Trek 3700).

At... some place. Some park with a statue or something. This was early Diwali morning, so no one wanted to ride but me and one friend.

At Qutb Minar. Thing's like a few centuries old. It's a popular tourist spot in Delhi.

We later did some exploring and ended up lost in a chaotically congested neighborhood we'd never seen before.

Stray cows are a common sight in Delhi. I don't even notice them anymore.

The guy in red is my cycling companion, Rachit.

Getting out. There was a lot of cool stuff in this neighborhood but I was too busy dodging traffic and people and cows to stop and whip out my phone as often as I wanted to. It was fun.

Qutb Minar with the sun rising behind it. This area is usually heavily choked with traffic, so it's surreal to go cycling so early in the morning and see these familiar places with no traffic.

The beautiful Trek 3700 which I am in the process of trying to buy right now. It is such an awesome, stunning bike. I can't believe it cost the same as my old bike, which was a piece of crap in comparison to this one (way too heavy, shocks were too stiff to be useful, awkward feel, etc).

Blazing down the highway at insane speeds.

The sunrise over Saket.

I'll prolly be posting more stuff like this whether you like it or not :)
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