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Plane lands on the Hudson river after double bird strike

An Airbus with 155 passengers on board gets smacked with a double bird strike, disabling both engines, moments after takeoff; pilot glides plane into the Hudson River, everyone on board survives.
Stephanie Nachman, who works in a high-rise building in Times Square, said she had seen the plane crash. "It wasn't wild or erratic but if as it was landing on a runway," she said. Within minutes, she added, people got out, doors popped out and rafts unfurled.
With video. Miracle* is right. And of course, the first reports showed up on Twitter (first pic above).

*In the sense that water landings are typically suicide. I'm quite sure this is the first time in history a water landing actually went off as illustrated in the safety brochure. Amazing work by the pilot and flight crew, he glided the plane using only rudder controls, which is in itself nearly impossible to pull off.
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