_53 (_53) wrote,

Internet scrapings, or how _53 got his internet linky posting groove back

The Billboard Liberation Front strikes again, liberating a Wachovia bank ad.

Windows 7 apparently "feels" much faster than Vista, but actually isn't according to benchmarks.

Cracked: Six people who died in order to prove a retarded point.


Cracked: The six biggest assholes of the animal kingdom.

After revealing research on what passengers say they'd happily pay a few bucks extra for, airlines consider charging $10 so you can be seated away from families with obnoxious brats and screaming babies.

The Mars Phoenix Lander has gone silent for good :(

Fresh updates at 53news and fivethreenews. Sorry I was gone for a while, folks. Work and depression got me down but I'm back, bitches :)
Tags: geek, humor, nature, offbeat news
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