_53 (_53) wrote,

Internet scrapings

Woman has aargument with herself, hogties her poodle, places him on the stove and set him on fire.

Man hand-builds Lamborghini Countach in his basement.

Gold plated Nissan GT-R spotted in Dubai.

An Afghan man has been spared the death sentence, but given 20 years in prison instead. The crime: blasphemy.

The U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman says that a second stimulus plan of government spending may be needed.

About a rare condition that makes its sufferers stink like rotting fish, no matter how much they shower or use perfume, and makes their lives miserable.

San Francisco is contemplating legalizing prostitution.

A woman who got arrested on disorderly conduct for swearing at her overflowing toilet has won a lawsuit against the arrest. [She] was arrested last year after a neighbor, an off-duty police officer, heard her cursing through an open window. A judge later found her not guilty, saying her language was constitutionally protected free speech.

Court appointed doctors say they need more time to decide if a man who attacked a grocery store manager with a fork taped to his middle finger and a bottle of drano is insane or not. At the time of Waddell’s arrest, he was on parole for felony assault after dousing a neighbor with gasoline.

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