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Remember this XKCD comic strip? YouTube is implementing this across the site. The placement of the button is interesting. It’s exactly where the post message button used to be, meaning quick commenters will discover it only when they accidentally click the new button. Hopefully they’ll do this with their speakers up at work. read the entire XKCD strip here.

Dubai to have world's largest LED screen.

The famous national debt clock in New York has run out of digits needed to display the $10 trillion debt.

Man arrested for stealing a case of beer, finds out from cop that his girlfriend (pictured) used to be a man while under arrest.

A rap music fan was slapped with a $150 fine for playing his music too loudly in his car, but the judge offered to reduce that to $35 if the defendant spent 20 hours listening to classical music by the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin. The defendant lasted only about 15 minutes and ended up paying the entire fine.

A Chicago sheriff is halting evictions on foreclosed properties, saying innocent tenants were being put on the street. But bankers said he is breaking the law. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said he understood he was flouting the law in refusing to have deputies carry out the rising number of eviction requests, but mortgage holders must be accountable. "These mortgage companies only see pieces of paper, not people, and don't care who's in the building," Dart said. A spokesman for the sheriff said there were more than 500 evictions for foreclosure scheduled over the next six weeks and the office was on pace to conduct 4,500 evictions this year. Mortgage foreclosure cases filed in Cook County are likely to exceed 43,000 this year, compared to some 18,000 in 2006, the sheriff said. Followup: The Sheriff himself explains why he's doing what he's doing in this article, and it's not because he wants to be a vigilante.

Man tries to steal bicycle in front of police officer.

Remember the lavish retreat AIG executives treated themselves to a week after the government bailout? Public outrage has prompted them to cancel a second planned lavish retreat.

Not to be outdone by AIG's weekend retreat costing a mere half million bucks, Barclays bankers and top execs jet off to Italy for a million dollar luxurious retreat of their own.

Speaking of the financial crisis, Iceland is screwed.

Actual headline: Dolphin knocks woman unconscious.

Squirrel causes power line collapse, car fire, natural gas fire and a power outage in the span of about thirty seconds.

Man accidentally walks into wrong house during blackout, gets shot twice.

First grade teacher arrested for dealing marijuana. Bonus: she taught at Greenleaf Elementary School.

30 lesbians impregnated by the same man, sparking fears of incest.

The mystery of the missing opium: Afghanistan is pumping out twice the world's demand for heroin and no one knows why or where this heroin is going. It's a mystery that has got British law enforcement officials and others across the planet scratching their heads. Put bluntly, enough heroin to supply the world's demand for years has simply disappeared. A crop of 7,700 tonnes will produce around 1,100 tonnes of heroin - it basically works on a 7:1 ratio.The mystery is that the global demand for heroin is less than half that. In other words, Afghanistan only needs to produce 3,500 tonnes to satisfy every known heroin user on the planet.For the past three years, production has been running at almost twice the level of global demand.The numbers just don't add up.

Man claims that Zen and God made him open a bank account, and then Satan made him beat up two police officers and the bank manager.

Judge sentences prisoner to a thousand years and three life sentences, tells him he will die like a beast in a cage.

Eighth grader sends nude pic of herself to 13 year old boy's cellphone, boy gets arrested on possession of child pornography charges.
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