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Abu Ghraib Coffee Table.

Microsoft's new anti-Apple-switcher "I'm a PC" ads were made on Mac using Adobe Creative Suite 3.

Man uses $200 bill bearing George W. Bush's portrait and the White House with lawn signs reading "We like ice cream" and "USA deserves a tax cut" to cashier to buy $150 in groceries. Cashier hands $50 change back.

Actual headline: Monster pig holds woman hostage.

To make a baby, you need to eat 18 broccolis.

The Environmental Protection Agency has decided there's no need to rid drinking water of a toxic rocket fuel ingredient that has fouled public water supplies around the country. That was a copy-paste from the first line of the article itself, not me trying to be funny / sarcastic. I want to work for the EPA. Don't we all dream of jobs where you get paid a lot to do absolutely nothing?

Previously alive couple found out why you shouldn't have sex on regularly used railroad tracks. Double Darwin award?

Detriot cops beat diabetic man into a coma when they interpret his hypoglycemic episode as drunkenness. He had to have part of his brain surgically removed and he hasn't regained consciousness since.

Google honors International Talk Like A Pirate Day by offering Google in Pirate speak.

Please don't get on an airplane with replica hand grenades, kthx

Cocaine smugglers increasinly using submarines.

Cracked: The 6 most horrifying ways anyone ever got rich.

NASA deploys army of rubber duckies to track glacier movements.

Before and after pictures of Hurricane Ike.

A last-minute change in dinner plans saved pretty much the entire Pakistani government from being obliterated in the Marriott bomb blast.

A satnav error regularly sends 40 ton trucks gatecrashing funerals at a funeral home.

Jailbirds are apparently turning into the most ardent environmentalists, creating eco-havens while serving time.

Why you shouldn't take videos of yourself train-surfing and post them on YouTube.

Primary school teacher discovered to be moonlighting as a prostitute, school board not sure what to do.

Ministry / cult leader who preached that "consent is puberty" busted on charges of creating child pornography, kids in state custody. When his wife died back in 1982, he had her body on display for six months while he and the church prayed for her to come back to life.

Lehman Brothers' senior staff will get a $2.5 billion bonus, while 5,000 of its London staff don't know if they will even recieve their next paycheck.

And now, a yo-yo that can charge your iPhone or iPod.

Even coke dealers are charging their clients fuel surcharges.

Stressed plants produce aspirin.

Cellphones make your sperm stupider.

Deletionpedia, a collection of deleted wikipedia articles. Includes such notable examples as List of films with monkeys in them.
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