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American Airlines upgrades from losing luggage, sends corpse to wrong country, then bills grieving husband $321 to correct their screwup. Finally, when the body was returned, it was badly decomposed because they didn't refrigerate it, scrapping the family's planned wake. On the plus side they waived the $321 charge when they determined one of their employees was to blame.

Meanwhile, a rumor that United Airlines was about to file for bankruptcy protection caused its stocks to plummet 99% to about one cent, hinting at how much (or how little) faith there is in the US airline industry.

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? dot com. Click here to find out.

San Antonio plans to be the first city to harvest methane from human waste to create clean fuel on a massive scale. [insert poop joke here]

Despite being #1 on Amazon, Spore has 1,494 one star ratings
as a result of its over the top DRM.

This post was much, much bigger than this, but Chrome crashed and this is all that got saved. Methinks it's time to go back to using Opera for LJ. It may not be as fast as Chrome but it doesn't crash this much. Or at all, rather.
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