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Internet scrapings etc.

About the Icelandic Phallological Museum, a museum devoted to all manner of penises.
Moar pics here, where I found this.

Obama gaining popularity with white supremacists, apparently because they think it'll boost their membership numbers. Warning: video.

Man commutes by bicycle to work. 180 kilometers (~130 miles) a day, nearly every day. ZOMGWTF!

This kid is 7 feet 3 inches and only 12 years old.
He just underwent surgery to stop him growing any taller.

Raft of junk crosses the Pacific three times.
It's made out of plastic bottles and the remains of an old Cessna.

Cow gets head trapped in washing machine.

Amateurs and hackers on the internet have tracked Al Qaeda and other international terrorists online better than world governments' intelligence agencies.

An eleven month old baby in Columbia weighs the same as a typical eight year old.

A panoramic view from the peak of Mt. Everest from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day page.
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