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The winner of an International Design Excellence award is a camera for the blind. No, really.

10 incredibly beautiful aquarium fishes. Freshwater and saltwater.

The Guo-li-Zhuang restaurant in Beijing serves water buffalo penis, yak's testicles, and deer penis juice. Quote: The meals served do not come cheap: A yak penis costs €179, while a hotpot with 10 different penis-and-testicle selections served on an attractive, four-sided plate tower with little statues of animals will set you back €89. For particularly discerning palates, the menu also offers deer and sheep fetuses (€36 and €9, respectively).

Small town mostly supports school principal for witch-hunting a lesbian student. When a high school senior told her principal that students were taunting her for being a lesbian, he told her homosexuality is wrong, outed her to her parents and ordered her to stay away from children. He suspended some of her friends who expressed their outrage by wearing gay pride T-shirts... and he asked dozens of students whether they were gay or associated with gay students.... [but] many in this conservative community still wonder what, exactly, [the principal] did wrong.

What will be the largest solar panel array in the world has been planned for Gujarat, India.
The current largest array generates 900 megawatts of electricity. This one will generate 5 gigawatts.

Intel working on perfecting wireless electricity.
Note the use of the word "perfected," because it's not ready yet, although Intel have vastly increased its efficiency to 75%. Nikola Tesla was the first to pull this off, but no one knows how he did it.
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