_53 (_53) wrote,

Record-breaking 260 ton stash of hashish and 2.5 tons of opium in Afghanistan carpet bombed by Harrier jets.

All about natural exploding poisonous lakes.

An exhaustive gallery of bizarre, inexplicable and amusing looking car accidents.

Man drinkis himself to death. With tapwater, that is.

Boston police investigating website that alleges police misconduct by anonymous posts from disgruntled cops.

17 stunning speaker designs.

Bride's GBP 2,000 wedding dress falls apart, leaving her standing naked at the altar. She's suing the designer.

Concerned citizens dial 999 to report a large, stationary object hovering in the sky above their houses, relieved to learn it's the moon.
Tags: cops, drugs, geek, humor, offbeat news, technology, ufo
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