_53 (_53) wrote,

TIME: Ten things Americans can like about gas costing $4 a gallon. Fascinating.

Bridge closed for electric-shocking bicyclists.

Porn sites credit economic 'stimulus' checks for rise in membership.

The watermelon is apparently natural viagra.

Fireworks store burns down. Good thing this didn't happen at a time of the year when large numbers of fireworks are sold.

Experimental bird flu vaccine tested on homeless people, who died. They were told it was a vaccine for regular flu and were paid about a pound each.

As Sydney prepares for a visit by Pope Benedict XVI and hundreds of thousands of Catholics, the city's brothels are readying themselves for an expected surge in demand for sex.

The average age of people who watch regular old-fashioned broadcast TV is now 50.

The newfangled flash-based solid state hard drives don't improve laptop battery performance, they actually reduce it.

National Geographic is covering the food price crisis worldwide as it unfolds.

Drunk Swede attempts to row home from Denmark.
Tags: catholicism, cycling, food price crisis, humor, offbeat news, oil, porn, religion, sex, tv, viagra
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