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a teenager from a faith-healing family died from an illness that could have been easily treated, just a few months after a toddler cousin of his died in a case that has led to criminal charges. Clearly, it wasn't God's will to heal him, etc.

The brother of the President of the United Arab Emirates (where I grew up) has been accused of beating the crap out of an American man in a Geneva hotel when the man rejected the Sheikh's sexual advances.

Man Loses 86 lbs Eating 1,200-1,400 Calories Per Day Of McDonald's Food.

The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people.

TIME: The 50 best websites of 2008.

The 25 best computer pranks.

Wired: The ten best vehicles to survive an apocalypse with. Depressingly, no mention of the almighty and awesome bicycle, although it does mention a unicycle :-/

A link has been found between bumper stickers and road rage.

A re-sortable list of the IQs of famous people, from philosophers and scientists to Hollywood actors.

Boy's testicles attacked by pissed off puffer fish. Actual headline reads: Angry puffer fish goes nuts.

Man buys building with intent to turn it into an ATV rental shop; neighbors successfully block him, complaining abuot noise and destruction to property, which man refutes as fabricated; so he is retaliating by turning it into a porn shop instead.

The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico has grown to the size of Massachusetts.

A drug war in Mexico goes completely over the top.

Family dog bites off one month old baby's testicles.

Sixth human foot washes ashore on B.C. Coast.

Canadian family moves home from WA to Canada. Literally.

Married gays find out that marriage sucks donkeyballs.

The best gallery of senior citizens fencing while on walker frame things that you'll ever see.
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