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Presenting the Whizzinator, a prosthetic penis to fake urine drug tests. The site also sells dehydrated clean urine. The disclaimer reminds you to only use this product in accordance with local and federal laws, of course.

Now in Missouri, USA, you can get a free handgun with the purchase of a new car. You have a choice between that and a card giving you $250 worth of gas, but the dealership says only two people have opted for that since introducing their deal. A background check is required for the gun.

Why Americans should be celebraing, not bemoaning, the likely imminent cost of $8 a gallon for gas. Meanwhile the rest of the world shrugs and has been paying upto $6 a gallon all this while.

Why casinos have hideously ugly carpets.

All about a homeless millionaire, and why he neither owns nor rents a home or car and lives exclusively in hotels.

A homeless Japanese woman had been living undetected in some man's closet for over a year.

For some bizarre reason, people are starting to think that continuing to live in perpetual hurricane hotspots might not be such a great idea.

Swedish teenage girls are having sex with other girls more likely than boys are. Mmmm, delicious Swedish teenage lesbians. *drool*

Thief breaks into lion enclosure for some goddamn reason, wins Darwin award.

Jurors watch 20 minutes of hardcore porn in court.

Getting high on Jesus, literally.
Tags: drugs, guns, humor, offbeat news, oil, sex, sports, weather, wtf
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