June 30th, 2009

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Breaking news

Breaking News: Yemeni passenger plane with 150 people onboard crashes into Indian Ocean.

According to reports, a Yemenia Airways Airbus A310 passenger jet has crashed into the Indian Ocean near the island nation of Comoros. At least 150 people were onboard the aircraft.

Conflicting reports say the flight number was Yemenia Airways Flight IY628 or Flight 626, traveling from Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, to Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport in Comoros. The flight originated in Paris, France. BNO News says the plane was flight 626 traveling from Comoros to Yemen.

Reuters quotes a senior Yemeni government official as saying "we don't know if there are any survivors." The plane crashed early Tuesday morning.

Comoros lies nearly 200 miles from mainland Africa. The small, three island nation has a population of just under 800,000 with a combined military and police force of around 1,000. Comoros has no navy, leaving it with little to no sea rescue resources.

"We really have no sea rescue capabilities," said an unnamed police official.