May 2nd, 2009

word can help write your suicide note

Internet Scrapings etc.

School bus takes wrong turn at porn shop. Surprisingly, this pissed off some people.

Radio DJ shoots dog, bullet goes through dog and hits wife in the head.


Actual headline: Michael Vick in talks to become PETA spokesman.

WAT The Truth Behind Swine Flu: Have Cheap Drugs & Greed Created a Pandemic?

A poll finds that religious people tend to think torture is okay.

Study finds that many conservatives don't realize Stephen Colbert is kidding.

US customs officials think famous pianist's piano has funny smelling glue, so they destroy it. Photoshop contest: What if everything was made by Microsoft?

Actual headline: Afghan schoolgirls not intimidated by poisoning.
And you think your school is/was rough?

Connecting the Dots: Torture, Iraq, and the Creation of Propaganda.

YouTube helps man deliver baby.
An engineer in Cornwall delivered his baby son after watching an instructional video on YouTube.

Followup: dad who tossed four kids off a bridge to their deaths has been given the death sentence.

A traffic police officer who killed a schoolgirl after speeding at up to 94 mph without blue lights or a siren, was jailed for three years on Friday.

About undercover surgeons, bomb victims and Iraq's healthcare crisis.

Mice overrun nursing home, nom on the elderly.

Sleeping woman awakened by leaky corpse.

Woman attempts to go through alley, drives her car into a fence. And a utility pole. And a garage. And another fence. And a yard. And a house. And another garage.
Alcohol may have been involved.

German Chancellor Angela Markel in her underwear stops traffic.

Actual headline: Man with no ears has sight restored.
Wait, what?

"David Paterson fired me coz I'm white." Paterson's response: "I don't see race. Literally."