December 16th, 2008

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Internet scrapings and offbeat news

Cracked: The six deadliest creatures that can fit in your shoe.
Pictured: The tiny blue ringed octopus, the size of a golf ball, and one of the most poisonous creatures on earth.

About Fantasy Flight, an annual Boeing 777 flight at Dulles International Airport that transports terminally ill children and their parents to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.
Something in my eye, I now have diabetes from this, etc.

US anti-kidnapping expert kidnapped.

For the third year in a row, some anonymous donor has left hundreds of toys at the door of a Virginia church.

2,400 Christmas trees 'beheaded' and doused in gasoline in apparent Christmas tree business rivalry. SRS BIZNESS

Actual headline: Employee kidnapped, taken to work, then paid.

Woman stands accused of trying to sell her newborn twin babies for more than $13,000 for plastic surgery, specifically, liposuction.

Man faces penalty for driving an unlicensed vehicle, which in this case is a motorized couch. Pic sadly not available.

Apparently a nuclear power plant has become home to 400 crocodiles. What could possibly go wrong?

A frugal 90-year-old woman who slept through Montana winter nights with no heat and used a sharpened broom handle to till her garden has left $2.8 million to 11 charities after her death.

Man gets fired, goes to office Christmas party, murders his boss.

Parents of rapist fined for bad parenting.

Gambler loses $900 million at casino, decides to sue casino claiming he was targeted by managers who knew he had a gambling problem. Riiiiiiiiight.

Owner says his cat shot him by mistake.

Woman explains that UFOs are killing the 42 dogs she shares her 5 foot by 9 foot trailer with.

County orders blind veteran to drive his kid to school.

Doctors decide to pose nude for a calender to raise money for medical charities, end up angering a children's charity.

A German court has ruled that having big boobs is not an illness. Amusing, but it wouldn't be if you had giant multi-kilo bags hanging on your chest and screwing up your back. The worst case scenario is that you could end up in a wheelchair if your boobs were really, really massive and your back wasn't strong enough to support the weight.

A man called police on Wednesday night after he came home from work and spotted an intoxicated woman drinking a beer on the roof of his home.

Family dog attacks armed intruder, keeps attacking even after taking three bullets including one in the head.
The dog has survived.

A mail carrier saved a 19-month-old girl who had stopped breathing by performing a rescue technique he learned by watching reality TV.

A mysterious man with a fake American accent and dressed up as Batman has been running around Sheffield, UK doing good deeds and highlighting donating to charities.

Amish people in trouble with the law, for not building their houses with building permits.

China battling latest fashion trend of wearing pyjamas in public.

Meet a man nicknamed Captain Nemo, designer of custom mini submarines for drug smugglers' unique needs.

The McCain-Palin campaign has sold off a Blackberry phone loaded with personal information, phone numbers and emails on it.

Microsoft releases its first iPhone app, even before it's released to their own mobile platform.
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