December 9th, 2008

word can help write your suicide note

Internet Scrapings

How they shot The Godfather.

Fighter jet crashes into home; mother, grandmother, child killed, another child still missing.

How your World of Warcraft account is more secure than your bank account.

The rumors are true: Wal-Mart will sell iPhones, but at $197 for 8GB, a price drop of a whopping $2.

About Kopbusters - an online reality show by a former cop, where crooked cops are set up and busted for conducting illegal drug raids using suspicious looking - but perfectly legal - homes. In other words, the cops wouldn't have raided these homes if they followed due process and went by the book like they were supposed to.

Remember the Wal-Mart Black Friday trampling? Footage reveals that while paramedics fought to revive the employee who died, onlookers were busy cracking jokes and making fun of the victim.

The seven dumbest things ever done by airport security. Just seven?

Chinese woman goes partially deaf after passionate kiss. With helpful pic to show you what a Chinese couple kissing looks like.

Cessna small aircraft crashes in freezing Canadian waters at night, pilots survive 18 hours huddling together on tiny sheet of ice.

Retiree spends $7,500 to fight $115 parking ticket in court because he's "got nothing else to do".

Even Google hates the band Creed, apparently (link goes to Google search results for 'worst band in the world'.

Man proposes to long distance girlfriend on pier, in time for a massive wave to break over them both and sweep her out to sea. She has not been seen since.

Accused killer wanted to be cooked and eaten, carefully plotted out his own demise in a bizarre arrangement with a Vancouver man in echoes of the case of German cannibal Armin Meiwes.

Woman accused of dousing menthol all over her husband's genitals while he was alseep and then setting his junk on fire.

A serial speeding driver, caught smiling and waving at speed cameras six times in nine days, has been jailed.
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