November 21st, 2008

word can help write your suicide note

Internet scrapings etc.

word can help write your suicide note

Internet scrapings, bonus edition

A car race had to be stopped when a streaker ran on to the track and started splashing about naked in a mud puddle.

World's fattest man finally consummates his marriage after his friends build him a "sex ramp."

How Detroit drove itself into a ditch.
A summary of the history of the American auto industry up to the present day.

15 more images that you won't believe AREN'T photoshopped.

Massive underground reserves of water ice found on Mars. Ground penetrating radar on the Mars Orbiter has revealed huge reserves of water ice, some the size of Los Angeles in area.

Entire family dresses up in black and commits suicide together.

Right wing British National Party has lost its membership list, and the whole thing has been published online. The list includes names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all members up to September 2008. It also includes some people's ages, especially those under 18 - the BNP offers family membership for £40. Many entries also contain more personal comments about jobs or hobbies. That's how we know that that BNP members include receptionists, district nurses, amateur historians, pagans, line dancers and a male witch.

A serial kiler may be stalking senior Japanese politicians and officials, after a former minister and his wife were found stabbed to death.

The CIA apparently shot down several small aircraft indiscriminately under the guise of targeting drug smugglers, including shooting down a plane carrying American missionaries, in Peru. The CIA obstructed inquiries into its role in the shooting down of an aircraft carrying a family of U.S. missionaries in Peru in 2001, the agency's inspector general has concluded. The inspector-general's report said a CIA-backed program in Peru targeting drug runners was so poorly run that many suspect aircraft were shot down by Peruvian air force jets without proper checks being made first.

let me Google that for you dot com, a website that takes all the work out of Googling something. wat

About building the tallest bridge in the world, a bridge so high that it was built using rockets. It's high enough off the ground that you could fit the Empire State Building under it and still have 370 feet to spare.

If TV shows had truthful titles. teh lulz.

Lance Armstrong opens a bicycle shop in Austin, Texas to encourage bicycle commuting.

Opinion: "I'm not one of those 'love they neighbor' Christians." Brilliant, just brilliant.

Dr. Pepper is giving everyone in America a free Dr. Pepper to celebrate the release of the new Guns and Roses album, Chinese Democracy.