August 18th, 2008


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One of the most controversial Calvin and Hobbes series of strips to be published dealt with Calvin learning about death and grief for the first time when he adopts an injured raccoon that, despite his best efforts, succumbed to its injuries and dies. The series of strips drew equal amounts of praise as well as criticism.

The strips in question are under the cut for the sake of your flist coz it's like 600 x 1800 pixels, and it can't get any smaller than that and still be readable.


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Internet news scrapings and oddities.

American surgeons have been lining up to help a Vietnamese baby that was left for dead for several days in the jungle, was partially eaten alive by various animals and insects until he was rescued by monks.
He's recovered, although disfigured, and his adoptive parents and his country are apparently bonkers over him.

Disabled stakeboarding turtle gets pregnant.

Lost baby whale thinks a yacht is its mother, tries to breastfeed.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have tied the knot.

Lonely mining town in Australia pleading for ugly women.

Schizophrenic commits suicide with enough cyanide to wipe out hundreds of people.

NASA plans to bomb the moon to find water.

Today in history: Pope Alexander VI dies. He was the father of seven illegitimate children, and during his reign chose as his lover the lovely sixteen year old Guilia Farnese. A portrait of Guilia dressed as the Virgin Mary appeared over Alexander's bedchamber door, but by no means was she his only liaison. See also here for an older post of a short, incomplete list of Popes with very colorful, less than holy lives.

Man literally cuts out DJ's eyes during fight at club. The DJ is now blind, and the man responsible is at large.

Senior University professor is so tired of university students who can't spell that he's proposing that teachers instead label incorrect spelling as "variants," not wrong. Yeah, this should work, just like raising the definition of "obese" will lower a country's obesity rates.

Even China isn't interested in buying Hummer from GM.

City rules that a church can no longer use a helicopter to drop their pastor from one church building to another church building across town every Sunday. So many things wrong with this story I'm not even going to try.

The MI5 wants to recruit gay spies.

The start of a New Zealand city's campaign entitled "Living Without Violence" coincided with worst weekend of domestic and family violence on record. Now that's ironic.

A gallery of the world's most impressive gargoyles. delivered to you via the always impressive deputydog blog.

20 years ago in Russia.

Americans try to wrap their brains around the radical concept of living without a car.

Nineteen-year-old rapist sues 15-year-old rape victim for child support and wins.