July 25th, 2008

word can help write your suicide note

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From this post by accomplished comic book writer and lesser god in the making warren_ellis:

I can’t tell you how many new hopeful comics writers I meet who have never finished anything in their lives because their intended first project is a hundred-episode epic that creates a whole new universe or three. And I tell them all the same thing: you’re screwed. No-one will want it. Not until you’ve written something short, capable
of being produced on a budget, and finished. Your epic may be worldchanging, but no-one will ever know because no publisher will gamble that kind of money on an unknown. And that’s before you get to the vagaries of the attention economy.


word can help write your suicide note

(no subject)

Mexican truck driver fined $500 by Alabama cop for not being able to speak English, although he communicated with the cop in English. FTA: "Federal law requires that anyone with a commercial driver's licence speak English well enough to talk with police." But earlier in the article it also says this: "Castillo, who says he speaks English at roughly a Grade 3 level, said he understood when the trooper asked him where he was heading and to see his commercial driver's licence and registration. He said he responded in English, though he speaks with an accent. Castillo wasn't speeding, and the inspection and computer check turned up no offences." Wait, what? Surely no racism is involved here.

Actual headline: 100 'slightly contaminated' from French reactor: Fourth incident at nuclear facility in recent weeks, second at same plant. Wait, "slightly" contaminated? Is that like being slightly pregnant? Yes, we're surrounded by tiny amounts of radiation, from your monitor to your microwave. But if it was an inconsequential, unremarkable amount of radiation, then there was no real contamination to speak of. So the employees were either exposed or not. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND /rage

Google unveils Knol, a cross between Wikipedia and a social blogging tool. I really don't get it. It's not exactly a wiki and not really a blog.

Lewis Black: It's the End of an Empire sale and everything must go.

Air gutair: SERIOUS BIZNESS. Bettie then ran over to the judge’s table where we all got a good look at her pinky toe, which by then, was broken in half, bleeding, with white bone showing. She beat out the two technically superior contestants, but I mean... Bone was showing. She was declared the winner and promptly whisked away to the emergency room.

Scientific American: How anecdotal evidence often undermines scientific results. Would explain the persistence of a lot of irrational beliefs in humans.

10 uses for old airplanes.

Speaking of which, Indian sells plane tickets for flight that doesn't go anywhere. No, seriously.

Today in Rotten History:

Today in 1915, 800 Western Electric employees and their family members perish on the chartered steamer Eastland, when in utter irony, its new lifeboats cause it to become top heavy and capsize in Chicago's harbor.