July 16th, 2008

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As much as I love Top Gear, the recent episode one of series 11 made me RAAAAAGE when it raced a Prius around the track with a BMW behind it and proved the BMW was more fuel efficient. Then later Jeremy Clarkson dropped the mention that thanks to its heavy batteries, a Prius actually causes more environmental damage than an H2 Hummer, that tired old myth.

First of all, running a Prius at full speed around a racetrack isn't the same as being stuck in stop and go rush hour traffic for hours, like most normal people are, which is why the Prius showed inferior mileage to a BMW, which is a car designed to run really fast.

Secondly, I'm tried of hearing this bullshit about how the Prius "causes more environmental damage" than a Hummer (among many, many other bullshit myths).

Talk about beleiving in something out of sheer effort and desire for it to be true.

So anyway, this link should clear things up so I don't have to type out a long incoherent rant.

Off I go to chug breakfast.