March 5th, 2008

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Name That Baby!

So you may have heard that a pregnant woman in India went to use the toilet on an Indian train, and ended up giving birth. The baby fell down the loo and dropped right onto the tracks.

(For those of you that don't know, Indian train toilets are pretty much literally a hole in the floor that you squat over, so when you do your business it drops right onto the train tracks. No, seriously.)

Even more interesting is that the baby somehow survived this ordeal and is recovering well.

In case this inexplicably bizarre tale isn't mindbendingly all sorts of wrong, horrible and hilarious at the same time, Scott Adams over at the Dilbert Blog posted this most perfect, excellent and succinct entry on the matter:

The Dilbert Blog: Name That Baby

In the news, a pregnant woman on a train accidentally gave birth while using the toilet.;_ylt=Am2TfGdPCYQAinQPPgCh8g5paP0E

Question of the day: What should the parents name this child?

Winnie the Poo?

Click the link for the comments. Yet again Scott Adams has written a post I wish I thought of posting myself first.

The comments are truly, spectacularly brilliant. My current favorites, in case you won't click said link:

Wun Hung Lo
Dee Rai El
Fre Fal

Choopoo. Even sounds kinda indian.

Pushpa Downadrainaswamy?

'Pool'an Devi. After the famous bandit turned poilitican.

Dhidna Nohi Dhuna Pu

How about "Shithead?" It probably translates as "Beautiful Flower" or "Gallant Warrior."

Jacquilene. For those that don't know, In Ireland, the Loo is also called the Jacks.

Dropinder Khan
(possible winner, this one)



Loosey? Looise?

(my other favorite so far.)

Now you name this baby.