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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2004|02:24 am]
hey d00ds sup? i finally got to change my name to _lxl_ so dont read this anymore, like you do anyways
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new flash! ha [Jul. 4th, 2004|04:18 pm]
hey guys, hey hey guys hey! i have a new username (since i grew out of 2x). its _lxl_ so put that on ur friends list. I wont post on this one anymore. not like anyone read it at all or anything XD
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long time without writing [Jul. 4th, 2004|01:11 am]
[Current Mood |highhigh]
[Current Music |Electro Tuned (the SubS mix) - TaQ]

ahhh went to gameworks today. lots of fun:
i got there at 3. Got that free hour card again, and played alone cuz no one wuz there. i saw aaron (and just so jordan knows, hes the guy who works there who gave us 2 hours) and we played and got a big audience. Some girl walked up and wanted me to teach her how to play so i did. well not really teach cuz she wuz on standard. I helped her do hard songs so i guess that counts :P well anyways i played for a while, then my hour ran out. so i wanted to go home, but then aaron gave me some credits, and we played more. I finally passed road of TaQ on oni ,and neo naoki cuz its so damn easy. then i got a huge audience when i passed LoM. i passed it 2 times today, although i tried that 5 times. I did paranoia 2 times, and passed 1 time (the music is so damn low its hard to stay on beat). i played alot more cuz aaron then gave me his hour card cuz he works there so he gets free hours. so then i played and nick, ginger and some other kids arrived. so then i sucked. I played cheeks (the fat kid with the jersey) and oWned him cuz now i can! HA! and i played chris too. we both did LoM and passed it. then i played nick, and he helped me stay on beat, but of course i lost. I have so much to learn. Well peace out guys, see u...whenever

Oh! and just incase u dont kno, my new nickname is DoObS! and my new ddrname is LxL (cuz i grew out of 2x cuz i became leader of my cs clan, LxL, so i guess i'll just use that. plus, the high scores on ddr dont have numbers XD) so ima change my Lj name to LxL maybe, or doobs... no LxL is better
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[Current Mood |awakeawake]

oh yea, and congrats to ma cuzins wifes successful baby shower! YAY i wuz bartender lol o_O wow im fucked up see u guys later!!! AHHHHH IM GETTING MY HAIR CUT TODAY!! YAY
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woo days without updates [Jun. 27th, 2004|01:22 pm]
[Current Mood |lovedloved]
[Current Music |Sychonized love ~red monster hyper mix~ - Joe Rinoie]

wow havent updated since tuesday so yea might as well update now right?

to tired to ddr today, plus i wuz bored/out of it. so i ate. and slept. and talked to people.

read "wednesday" (this isnt all that happened just i have crappy short term memory)

well i remember that i stayed up to like 5 thursday, then my mom brought francisco over... at 7 in the morning.... so i had 2 hours of sleep. A couple of minutes later i caught up on some well deserved rest while he played battlefield on my computer. so then i took shower, got dressed and then asked jordan if he could take us to gameworks. so we all did, and played cuz it wuz like 2 so no one wuz there (except these two hot chicks who just started playing) < they were suprised by jordan and my sexy ddr skills. so we played, i did "road of TaQ" oni challenge (and failed XD) so yea. then the hindu guy kame in (btw, the hindu kid is REALLY mucho gay, and thinks hes better than me at Life itself it seems now...) < lol well anyways he still owed me a credit from when i let him borrow one (actually 3 but i let him pay me back 1). so then he starts bitchin about how he doesnt need to give me one.
Fag: I dont need to pay you back
Me: Yes you do
Fag: no i dont
Me: oh so u wanna take it to the floor now (oo challenge < i didnt say that or this)
Fag: hell no i aint have to give you shit
so yea he refused a challenge infront of everyone plus the R3 girl who just came. so yea. oh, and then i AAed holic at the arcade. ok so friday night, i started playing ddr (cuz francisco erased all my memory on my memory card :( ) and i seemed to notice i was AAing everything XD i played and got like 13 greats to 29 greats on all the songs, most of the time FCing them. so ddr isnt boring anymore! w00t!

jordan came over. we ddr'd. I AAed every song on MAX2 except maxx unlimited. Ultramix sucks. so do xbox pads. Kerrigan is funny. yay

you probably know what happened... YAY w00t! lol yea thats really cool. I <3 U!

so yea thats it. Oh yea, and i've finally gotten to like synchonized love. heheheheheheheheheh MUHAHAHHAHA!!!!one
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DDR is...Boring??? [Jun. 23rd, 2004|11:13 am]
[Current Music |Long Train Runnin - Dubey Bros.]

Wow, yesterday was a change for the worst.
I went to boomers, had a lot of fun, but didnt play much ddr. I played about 4 rounds and, i stayed from 3 till 10 so...yea. I got a little better at initial D, and played this awsome game called ballistics (which frank has also owned...jesus what a freak). You like race while laying down going like 1000 mph in a tube... its cool. So yea, ddr seemed boring to me today, i dunno it might be temporary. But if it continues im gonna have to play more initial D until im out of it, or something. OH BY THE WAY: PIU is off the chain!!! w00t! jordans better than me at that tho, need to practice. OOO JORDAN TRY THE SONG OH! ROSA! ON CRAZY MODE!!! its so much fun!!! only problem is 3panel jumps lol. Well, i'ma go now, take some drugs to be happy again lol jk. Peace out
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good day [Jun. 22nd, 2004|02:31 am]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |Genom Screams - L.E.D Light]

today was good...thats all i will say
so i did the quiz....

Nestor is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com

....and it turns out that im RADIOACTIVE!!! wow i need a mirror in my house. well anyways. just wanted to say that JSB is a FREAK!!! HE SHOULD GET SHOT!!! AHHHHH!!! well got that out of my system. night
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Past 3 days [Jun. 21st, 2004|12:28 am]
[Current Mood |sicksick]
[Current Music |Can't Stop Falling In Love -Speed mix- - NAOKI]

Wow havent posted in the past 3 days. So i'll just post it now:

I celebrated my friend Fabian's 19th b-day. he had a cool party at his cuzins house. We all danced and stuff and talked. My sis's boyfriend kept telling me how cool ima be cuz im going to Piper lol. And Fabian invited me to some comp tournament hes having for battlefield Vietnam. So i get to kick some ass again. Oh yea, i met this fine ass colombian chick. She was cool. Especially when they played Oro Solido's "Chupa tu paleta" (lol i think the spanish people know what i mean) cuz she started singing it and it wuz cool. "Chupa tu paleta, CHUPALA!!!" Oh yea, and she made out with some other girl when she got drunk XD

Day was mad borin! all i did was play battlefield, work around the house, w/e. Well, francisco invited me to gameworks, so we went. We got there at 9 sharp and once we walked to the door the guy wouldnt let us in cuz we were under 18. So we waited 30 minutes until my dad came and let us in. so by now its 9:50, i play intial D for one game, then i turn around and notice the DDR machines are gone! So i run frantically around Gameworks and find the machines behind the Indy 500. So i walk over there and find Frank and his crew there (Echo, Celeb, Ginger, AJ, Nick, the R3 girl, Chris, the fat kid who i keep forgeting his name, and others). So i get to talk to frank again after a long time. the R3 girl (i'll call her R3 for now) challenges me. Frank sees me do R3 stealth and notices my new skills lol. For our last song we play MAX300 (since it wuz my first 4 songs i did bad and got a C on it). Frank says good job cuz before, i couldnt even do Healing Vision angelic! so then i chill, talk to frank and he fat kid lol. Me and him do a single freestyle on Luv to me. then i do double on USA and set Number 3 high score while doing Dynamite Rave (since they dont have numbers i have to put xx for my name). We got like the whole crew on two pads during Luv to Me (we did little so we had a minute break) and everyone wuz jumping up and down screaming "GO, GO, GO!" it wuz funny. So after that i challenge Chris and win (we did Speed over beethoven, Wakalaka, sakura, LoM). After LoM frank says "look at little man go!" lol. i guess i finally proven myself in front of him. And i got to talk to AJ. hes pretty cool. In fact, hes the only one out of the whole crew that has a life! well that was my day. oh and frank allowed me to chill wit his crew, and says to challenge him when i get better. Its cool now tho cuz the chick wit the mic on Indy 500 starts talking about the people playing DDR during the races and we get audiences. I told the manager we should start a tournament. that would be cool. end day 2

SO BORING! i went to melboure to celebrate Father's dad with my grandpa cuz he might not be here next year if you know what i mean :(. well i had to do nothing so i fell to sleep, while my 7 year old cuz (he acts 3) tryed to wake me up so i can beat Virtua Fighter 4 for him. Well i slept, called jordan, and then my cuz Fabian came. We had fun cuz i havent seen him in 5 years. so we played life (Best. Game. Ever) and i played SP cuz i havent played gameboy in a looonnnngggg time. We talked, shared memories and junk, and then i talked to my cuz diana. They wanna go to Disney World. I do too. To bad i live in sunrise. After that was just eating. I ate the legs off of a pig (no, seriously), and a whole bag of tostito gold. then i went home and went online, and went on lj and started my post. Well, good night people. (why doesnt anyone read my lj?)
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damn.... but YAY [Jun. 17th, 2004|11:27 pm]
[Current Mood |drunkdrunk]
[Current Music |Legend of MAX - ZZ]

jordans dad didnt take us to boomers... :( cry cry tear
so instead we went to gameworks. Gameworks is gay. But anyways, i finally got to A'ing Legend of MAX heavy WITHOUT BAR!!! YAY GO ME!!!! oh and it was on nonstop so i started with full bar. maybe thats why :P yea we met up with some people there and whooped their ass (jordan and me i mean). Wow jordan is getting better. INITIAL D WAS BROKEN TODAY! that definetly sucked ass! so now i still got my evo messed up, and it wont be better than V's :( i wish i could race him again and actually have a chance at winning. Ha i beat house of the dead 3 also. And i won on indy 500. It wuz fun. We had fun day. well, we did stay from 3 to 8. OMG there was this game called Mr. Driller (That game RoXsors!). It was on free play so i played like 50 times. It was so much fun. I didnt win, but at least i had fun. Now im one step closer to frank! YAY JUST 5 mORE YEARS TO GO!!! lol frank said that by next year i would be able to own him XDDDD that make me feel good! yay.
oh and ralph go to boomers tuesday i might get ride from another ddr buddy. shes good. her names lucy. if i go, she has to oWn you, then i have to oWn you. then we shall point and laugh. HAHAHAHA (oh and nikki, shes also my apprentice! lol even tho i havent played with her in over half a year)
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2004|10:21 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Current Music |TELEPHONE OPERATOR!!!! lol j mcfagizzle]

oh yea, forgot to post bout my day yesterday:
My mom won 1000 dollars off of Mary Kay!
And i got to mowing the lawn and made the house super clean (wow that sounded gay)
so now i could go to boomers. If jordan can take me. You better take me fag! lol
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