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h!bennett ♥ kaboom.

time for changes

For quite a while I was toying with the idea to make this my personal journal and create a extra community for my icons and other art stuff, but I never found the right time or inspiration to pull it through. Well, when I talked about it with a good friend of mine xechelonx, we spontaneous decided to work together.

So, from now on I'll post all my art stuff at inked_promises! <3

Feel free to join, if you still want to see my stuff. You're more than welcome!

As you can see I already made a new design, but there'll be some more changes around here in the next days. This journal will become friends only and feature personal stuff in the future, wherefore there'll be also a friends cut. If someone wants to make sure of staying on my friends list - just comment on this post.

Alright, that's it for now.