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hurricane girl;

# can't stop my h e a r t. it's running wild

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it's ceylone.
31 December 1989
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ceylone. 20 years old. female. german. a stubborn capricorn. brunette. brown eyed. music-addicted. a god damned photoshop-whore. small. shy. funny. crazy. creative. musical. lazy as hell. cheeky. pale. passionate. kind of cruel sometimes.
shows. glee. castle. sanctuary. white collar. skins. secret diary of a call girl. sons of anarchy. damages. instant star. dollhouse. reaper.
celebs. missy peregrym. lea michele. joseph gordon-levitt. hayley williams. eliza dushku. olivia wilde. hilarie burton. alexz johnson. stana katic. joss stone. christina ricci.

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