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picspam; top5 season 1 jude&tommy scenes

no. 5 » my first real kiss «
1x06 kiss me deadly

Jude How do you kiss someone, who just dumped you? I don't think, I can handle it.
Tommy The way I saw you stand up to Darius. I think, you can handle anything.
Jude Okay. What if hypothetically this is my first real kiss? With someone, who is .. uhm, kissing me back? I just want it to count, you know?
Tommy Then hypothetically it will. But this won't be it. Look Jude, a real kiss. It isn't in the lips, it's in the heart. And if yours isn't in this one with Shay, then it doesn't count.
Jude Thanks, Tommy.

+++ Don't really know why I love this scene so much. But it's like a private moment between these two, even through they're in the middle of a big video shot and Jude didn't really want to talk about it, especially with Tommy. I love how he knew that something was up and searched for her. It shows, that he cares about her. And then he even manages to find the right words to give her the support and courage she needed. It's such a sweet moment. Oh, and I also love Tommy's face, when she says it would be her first real kiss - he totally thought he was her first kiss! You can almost see his disappointment about the fact that she didn't count their little kiss in first episode as a real kiss! Just awww

no. 4 » this album is my gift «
1x12 train in vain

Kwest [over the speakers] Attention, G-Major. Listen up, cause production on Jude Harrison's debut record is now wrapped!
Jude Congratulation! [she hugs Tommy] You did it!
Tommy No, you did it! This is your masterpiece!
Jude You know, in celebration of the album I kinda have a gift for you! I think you'll like it.
Tommy A gift? For me? I didn't get you anything!
Jude Yes, you did! This album! This album is my gift.
Georgia Jude, Tommy! Get in here!
Tommy Look, go have some fun, alright? This is your moment! Enjoy it!
Jude Thanks.

+++ Duuuh, she's practically flying into his arms! They always have such epic hugs and that's probably one of my favorites. He even picks her up from the ground and swings her a little bit, only to first hold her face in his hands and then pick up both of her hands ♥ They're both so damn happy, big smiles and all. Tommy's I didn't get you anything! is also so adorable and gah. That scene provides such a high awww-factor and for me it shows just how close they are!

no. 3 » of cause i want «
1x12 train in vain

Jude I'm so glad you came. Come on!
Tommy Ah, I gotta go in a couple minutes.
Jude Come on! [pulls him in] Look, I'm sorry. Really, I totally mettled.
Tommy Look, save it. I appreciated what you did. I mean, it was insane, but it was sweet.
Jude Yeah, but you hated what I did to your song.
Tommy No, I hated that you made me face things that I was avoiding. Look, I might record a solo album again one day, I don't know. But I do know, that's my decision. Cool?
Jude It's cool.
Tommy Good, because I made another decision. And it's a big one.
Jude Say.
Tommy I want to produce your next record. If you still want.
Jude Really?
Tommy Really.
Jude [hugs him] Of cause I want!
Tommy I take that as a yes.
Jude Yes. Of cause!

+++ That hug and cheek-kiss gets me every single time ♥ so damn adorable! But let's start with the beginning: she's holding his hand while pulling him into the house! It's also so cute how he tries to stay out front and make it quick, but she just wouldn't let that happen. I remember the first time I watched that scene, I was so happy, that he wasn't angry with her anymore and even more, that he thought it was sweet! Oh, and his If you still want - duuh, of cause! How could he ever think something else! Their whole exchange during the hug is just adorable and how they look at each other after she kissed him of the cheek? LOVE, seriously! ♥

no. 2 » driving lesson «
1x08 unsweet sixteen

+++ Some may say that are two different scenes, since there's another scene in between .. but for me they definitely belong together! I mean, same characters, same setting, only a little bit later ..

Jude Okay, Tommy. How much further?
Tommy Whoa, just wait. Wait .. and look. [he takes his hands from her eyes]
Jude You're giving me your viper?
Tommy Whoa, relax! It's your birthday, not your conation. I'm gonna give you a driving lesson.
Jude Really?
Tommy If you think you can handle it?!
Jude Try me. [steals his keys & gets in the car] Okay.
Tommy Seatbelt, seatbelt!
Jude I know! Okay.
Tommy Parking brake.
Jude I was gonna do it!
Tommy Okay.
Jude [starts the car] Okay.
Tommy Watch! Shift!
Jude I'm sorry!
Tommy Is there a reason shift sounds like gas to you?
Jude Okay! Are you ready?
Tommy Ready.

+++ I just loooove how he has his hands over her eyes and guides her to his car! Especially added with her hands over his ♥ but what I like the most about this scene is definitely that Tommy let her drive his viper! Because duh, that guy loves his cars and Jude has like zero driving experiences, but yet he let her drive his little "baby". She's probably the first person ever, that is aloud to sit in that driverseat, let alone to drive. It shows how much he trusts her and more importantely how much she means to him ♥ oh, and aren't his visible nervousness and her joy just adorable?!

Tommy Wow! Wow, wow, wow!
Jude Okay, I guess I'm not ready for a escort then.
Tommy Girl, you're not ready for rollerblades!
Jude What? Just cause I almost hit one dog.
Tommy No, because the dog was on the sidewalk!
Jude [laughing] I'm so bad. I'm so bad.
Tommy What?
Jude I just .. I miss this. Hanging out.
Tommy Me, too.
Jude You can be a serious pain in the butt, Quincy. [kisses him on the cheek] There's not one thing I would change about you. [her phone is ringing, she picks it up] Hi, Shay? Oh, hi EJ. What a emerency?
EJ [over the phone] A fashion emerency!

+++ These two are like the king & queen of cheek kisses, seriously! I love how care-free and affectionately she plants a kiss on his cheek and how much he always enjoys it! Here he even closes his eyes and leans into it ♥ and man, her There's not one thing I would change about you *____* they both definitely have feelings for each other at that point! His facial expression is like duuh the whole time and watch his disappointed/annoyed look after she picks up the phone! He soo wanted to spend more time with her alone!

no. 1 » you are asking the wrong guy «
1x08 unsweet sixteen

Jude Go ahead. Tell me I told you so.
Tommy For what it's worth, Shay's a kid and an idiot.
Jude Yeah.
Tommy And he made the wrong choice.
Jude It's not worth much coming from you.
Tommy What's that supposed to mean?
Jude So tired of falling for guys that don't fall back. It hurts.
Tommy Jude, I -
Jude They all say the nicest things. You're so great, you're so nice, but none of you wanna date me! So, you wanna help me, Tommy? Tell me! Tell me, what I do wrong. Tell me, why I'm so easy to give up and then maybe I can fix it!
Tommy You are asking the wrong guy! [pulls her into a kiss]
[two people come into the ally, rushes back in after seeing Jude & Tommy]
Tommy You should go, Jude.
Jude Tommy, don't.
Tommy I'll see you inside, okay? Just go.

+++ That's like the Jude and Tommy scene/moment ever - it's just such a powerful and passionate scene and oh my god that kiss! *____* Tommy tried so hard to ignore his feeling for her and to never act on them, since she's still that young and he shouldn't feel something like that for his artist .. but in that moment, he couldn't really help it, because he did fall back! ♥ I seriously died the first time I watched it and I still gasp, when he pulls her into that steamy kiss .. but it's also a really heartbreaking scene! Jude's heart is already broken by Shays cheating ass and then Tommy virtually shatters it into pieces *sigh* but I don't think, that he really regrets the kiss. It's more like he knows that it really shouldn't have happened, that she just turned 16 and he's still her producer and there's just no way it could work out. He's the older one, he needs to think about what's best for both and ultimately needs to draw a line .. even if it's hard for both of them. Gah, that scene evokes so many emotions and kinda leaves you speechless.

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