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picspam; the dancer

I'm a big sucker for dance movies & love them all - even the bad & cheesy ones. The dancing & music always suck me right in. So, when I read the challenge for the first time I immediately wanted to make a picspam about dance movies, because they don't get love that often. While I first wanted to express my love for the best dance scenes of my favorites & started looking through my collection, I decided on just one specific movie as soon as I saw the cover. 'The Dancer' is a Luc Besson movie from 2000, that tells the story of India, a very talented, but mute dancer, who gets the chance to create sounds through her movements/dancing. It's touching and beautifully made. The dance scenes are great, really extraordinary. I love every minute of the movie - which made it hard to cut a few scenes out for the picspm - and it's sad, that the movie slipped right beneath the radar of most people. Maybe this picspam manages to make one or two curious about the movie - it's definitely worth a watch!

» for those of you virgins out there, DJ atomic will switch from song to song, style to style while the champion dances. his goal is to make the flow of her rhythm falter with all his crazies switches! her goal is to rise to the occasion without a single falter! the winner will be decided upon by our expert jury! «

» undefeated and untied in her last 6 bouts with new york's most notories DJ's, the reigning champion of the Saturday Midnight Match will now do battle with the infamous DJ dreek. «

» wait! that's not fair! she was born this way! there's nothing she can do about it! but she works hard, harder than anybody, harder than you! and she's worked every day, all day since she was eleven! and this is her reward? do you think that's fair? «

» i'm a scientist, and i think i have something that could really help india. [...] i saw india dance at the club and she gave me an idea. a kinetic mechanism translating movement into sound by fixing electrode patches to the body as their body moves to a corresponding electromagnetic field. «

» well, it could offer her, as somebody never been able to create sound, an opportunity to experiment with an alternative means of expressing herself. «

» you think i'll be able to talk? || you already make the sound you want. i promise you, i'll do everything in my power to help you built the words you want. «

» you've seen her demolish some of new york's most notorious DJ's in the saturday midnight match. and tonight india rey is here to throw something new your way. something very, very new. so enjoy and remember: like most things, you saw it at unicorn first. «
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