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Icon Tutorial #004

Today we will be making using Paint Shop Pro 7. Easily translates to Photoshop.

1) Open your image.

2) Crop it and resize. (Image>Resize) (if you have aspect ratio on, you only have to put type in 100 on the smallest side.

3) File>New Image
Width: 100
Height: 100

4) Edit>Copy, and then Edit>Paste As New Layer your image to your blank canvas

5) Use this texture and set it to 'Screen' 100%. Erase all of the texture that appears on his face abd clothes.

6) Use this and set it to 'Burn' 100%. Erase whatever is on the person.

7) Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves
Input: 95
Output: 74
Input: 88
Output: 70
Input: 122
Output: 127
Input: 128
Output: 120

8) Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves
Input: 126
Output: 116
Input: 105
Output: 147

9) Set that layer to Overlay, 46%

10) With the text tool, type whatever text you want, just make sure only the fill button is filled in. Also make sure the button next to 'Vector' is selected. I used #FFFFFF as my color and Pea Steph as my font.

11) Layer>Merge>Merge all (Flatten) and you're done
Tags: harry potter, psp, tutorial: icon

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