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She's a Killer Queen

Gunpowder, Gelatine, Dynamite with a laser beam..

14 March
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Lauren.17.Blonde haired.Pretty eyed.Expert puddle jumper.Hopeless romantic.Classic rock buff.Pointe shoe wearer.Hollister and Abercrombie clothing.Gilmore Girls obsesser.Freddie Mercury fangirl.Roger Taylor lover.Nail polish junkie.Glitter.Number 17.Pepsi icee freak.Lemons in every kind of pop.Take me OOOUUTT tonite.Wannnabe prom queen.Pirates arr sexy.Striving for perfection.Quote whore.I fxcking love Sharpies.Shower singer."I'll swat you in the face".Bun head.I am a fucking sailor.Tomboy in mini skirts.You're Ridiculous!."Gumby".I've gone country.perdy

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..., a midsummer night's dream, abercrombie and fitch, acrobatics, acting, adam brody, alabama, american eagle, ana, angels and demons, ashlee simpson, ashley olsen, autumn, axl rose, ballet, belts, berlin, big and rich, books, boondock saints, boston, boys, brian may, broadway, candy apples, catherine zeta-jones, chanel, charlotte russe, cher, chicago, chunky monkey, classic rock, clothes, coloring books, contortion, country music, cowboys, dan brown, dancing, death cab for cutie, ducks, elton john, england, fall out boy, fashion, fashion whore, flip flops, fortune cookies, france, freddie mercury, gel pens, gilmore girls, giraffes, git-r-done, glitter, gumby, guns n' roses, hand cuffs, harry potter, hawthorne heights, holding hands, hollister, hot sauce packets, icees, its, jekyll and hyde, john deacon, johnny depp, kansas, kiss, kiss me kate, kisses, led zepplen, lillix, lindsay lohan, lip gloss, livejournal, love, ltd too, lynyrd skynyrd, making out, markers, mary-kate olsen, me, mean girls, mischa barton, mmm. sex., musicals, new york city, nunsense, paris hilton, pearls, photos, pirates, polo shirts, pretty woman, puck, queen, queer eye, quotes, rachel bilson, rain, reading, remus lupin, rent, richard gere, ringo starr, roger taylor, roses, san-x, sarah dessen, savage garden, sephora, sex bracelets, shakespeare, sharpies, sheer heart attack, shopping, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, sneakers, snoopy, soup, sour skittles, southern rock, spot lights, standing ovations, starbucks, stars, steppinwolf, styx, the beatles, the da vinci code, the oc, the police, theater, thespians, thirteen, triple cramp-roll time steps, vintage, what not to wear, wicked, you