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04 July 2034 @ 08:00 am

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27 September 2010 @ 02:39 am

Hello everyone, here's some stuff I'd like to sell -
take your time to look through it; There might be something you're interested in!

1) I always took very good care of my stuff therefore it's all in perfect condition. If that's not the case it'll be stated next to the item!
2) Everything will be shipped through registered mail to make sure it's not getting lost.
3) If it's still somehow not arriving I'm not taking any responsibility - but I can check with the post office and if they say you didn't get it might consider repaying you.
4) The prices don't include shipping.
5) Shipping costs depend on where you live - I'll weigh the items you're interested in to calculate the exact price. Shipping costs are made up of packaging, bubblewrap, regular shipping (or fast shipping, however you want), mail registration, tracking number.
6) I ship worldwide.
7) I only accept Paypal. Remember the paypal fees. They have to be taken by yourself.
8) For people in Vienna (Austria): We can meet up & you can pay cash if you like.
9) Oh, if you aint sure what the item looks like: I'll add the Yesasia.com-link to the items and will take pictures.
10) And last but not least: I don't trade. I need the money! (ME = BROKE)

If you decide to buy something, leave a comment or email me at marion_tw@msn.com!


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If you are interested in buying something remember to comment or to email me at marion_tw@msn.com!