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ee*stab* ee*stab* ee*stab* ee*stab*

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3rd November 2006

11:52pm: long time no post
this is crazy. im actually posting something.
but i hope you dont think im posting about anything interesting
because than i would just disappoint you.
moving on....
i have a present for you. a list of my life at Interlake:
1st period computers: sleep, finish last nights homework, make fun of katie and fall in love with Jesse's australian accent all over again.
2nd period drawing/painting: stare into space, pretend to draw when the teacher walks by, think to myself how much i hate Rachel, and wish i could draw like emo Ben.
3rd period math: laugh at my teacher, avoid the person i sit next to because he has a really bad cold, teach two 10th graders how to add fractions, and doddle on homework.
4th period P.E:....i give people weird names such as sushi roll, serial rapist, and randle. thats about it.
~lunch~ yum.
5th period spanish: talk to Kelsey, laugh at Lowell (who is in love with me and just about everyone else in my spanish class), get participation stamps, and finish spanish homework in class.
6th period biology: pay attention for most of it, ask to borrow a blue pen from Andrew everyday, doddle with blue pen, laugh at Bret, Corey, and teacher.
7th period english: hope teacher doesnt call on me, throw paper into Micheal's fro, take notes like crazy, and count down the minutes until class is over.
Tutorial: go to math and "party" with Patrick L., Olivia, Michele, Kelsey, Anne, and if we get lucky, my teacher.

yep. that was totally pointless.
but i told you i wasnt posting anything interesting.

Current Mood: wha?

10th July 2006

11:27pm: i am going to sequim for a week.


28th June 2006

12:45pm: this weather is killing me.
its so fucking hot.

is it even possible to fry an egg on the street?
i dont think so..........?!?!
Current Mood: galkjhakmfher.
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