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my GOD!
i fuckin forgot about this thing!
i haven't written in this thing since fuckin january!!

well let's see if i can update in the least amount of words possible:
-Still cheering at Towson; this year is going to be amazing, we're under new and improved coaching and hopefully going to NCA Nationals in Daytona, FL! and we have camp in August in Scranton, PA.

-The answering service is done for.. so I no longer work there. I should be getting a paycheck this week, as well as some severance pay. I should've known the owner was selling the place when he offered me and ashley 50 cent raises. He doesn't just hand out money like that! lol but luckily I had just gotten a new job, making 12.. YES i said 12! I'm a receptionist for this company and i really don't do too much of anything except read books while i'm working and go to the mall during my lunch break lol, but i work 40 hours a week which is a little tiring, and i work in arlington so i have to deal with rush hour traffic. boo. but you gotta do what you gotta do!

-Me and christian are still together! 2 and a half years will be on august 14th. it doesn't feel like it's been that long!!

i actually can't really think of too much to write in here lol. i'm actually at work now, and this is about as exciting as my day gets.. except for maybe my lunch break lol i've made it a new ritual that fridays are gonna be starbucks fridays and i didn't feel like walking to the starbucks around here when i got to work so i'm just going to go to the one in the mall after i got to the panera i've been to everyday this week so far haha.

okay i feel like i'm being boring.. so just for your viewing pleasure (and my boredom) i'm going to post some of my fave pictures from second semester! enjoy!

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i MUST be bored if i'm updating this thing.

i've just been so bored lately.
i want to go back to school soooo bad.

i'm just sooo lazy.
i haven't showered since friday.
other than coaching saturday morning,
i haven't really gotten out of my bed except to eat and use the bathroom since saturday.

i've been pretty anti-social.. i dunno why..
i really just don't want to be here anymore.

but at least i get to go cheer some basketball games this weekend,
and p.s., if you're in the towson, md area and don't have anything to do thursday, friday or sunday;
you can come see me cheer! and watch towson basketball i suppose.

so uhh.
i think this entry has been sufficiently boring.
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ok, so...

say hello to the newest addition to the

towson university small co-ed national cheerleading squad.

heck. yes.

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the end.. haha

so yeah. move-in is tomorrow.
but i'm leaving today and staying in a hotel up in towson.

it's kind of weird.. leaving everything that's been so familiar.
i'm packing up the car today and i'm so excited.

i get my laptop today
one of my rooommates seems really awesome
(we haven't been able to get in touch with the other one)
and i just feel really confident going into school.
i feel like i'm at such a good point in my life
and this is just the next step.

so it's not like i update often,
but i'll probably update friday night if i get my computer set up by then
or sometime saturday.

i love you guys and wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do.
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so i've been having this horrible insomnia for the past few days.
i've been staying up til 4 in the morning listening to old 80s hit and watching the 1st season of laguna beach.

i'm so ready to move in.

i can't wait for towson.
like seriously.
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