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  • 08:56 Due to the fact that I'm EXTREMELY exhausted b/c twitter decided to sent me 10 updates between 2am and 6am. I have decided.... #
  • 08:56 that I will no longer be twittering. I don't update anyway, and now it's making me lose sleep. Goodbye twitter world. #
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Life: Partners

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Life, the #1 best show I have ever seen has been canceled. This is a sad sad sad day for me.
I wanna send Oranges to NBC until they reconsider.

...it worked for Jericho.
Angel: Gunn Batman

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I know I already did one of these, but someone else picked so here we go :)
foreverred choose these ones.

There are no words for how much I adore Criag Ferguson, and it's sad how much I'm serious. Have you read his book? It's called Between the Bridge and the River and it's quite honestly one of the best things I've ever read. He's a wee bit dirty, so be prepared for that.
Speaking of dirty have you ever seen his stand up? I have, 2nd row at UB, it was amazing, he was amazing, I'd give my left arm to actually meet him.
The icon is nothing, lol, one of the first ones I ever made, from one of the VERY few decent caps of him I could find. It will be replaced soon with a Craig Ferguson/David Boreanaz icon, so stay tuned.
I also made this one recently:

I call this one Lilah's back, because I used to use it, then I got rid of it, then I decided to use it again. Plus where this cap comes from, she's back from the dead......hahaha, get it? Also, I've found from doing icon stuff at work, if you're looking at it using anything but firefox, the colors don't look half as awesome as they actually are (Pardon my modesty),

When it all comes down to it, I recently took over bluth_love_icon and wanted to add a text only arrested development icon to the bunch, and this one was the best of the ones I had.

I love that 70's Show, and I adore Hyde. This is a direct quote from the show, otherwise I would have put soda instead of pop, I hate when people say pop. I try to convert everyone around me to say soda, and it's worked quite a few times.

hahahaha, I adore this icon, but it really only works if you watch How I Met Your Mother, and you can sing it. I CONSTANTLY walk around singing it in my head, that or Let's Go to the Mall. lol

looking back, I got way off topic.